Le Croissant Shop : Your Neighbourhood Croissant Shop

With so many pedigreed dough-punchers everywhere in Japan, Le Croissant comes off as the down-to-earth neighborhood bakery where people takeaway the bread and have them on the go. The hottest item is of course, the original croissant that is 100% made with Hokkaido wheat and brushed with a sugar syrup concocted in-house. 

Available either in petit sizes (¥40 each) in a bucket of about 6 or regular sizes, these buttery treats are airy and chewy but short of the crisp flakiness in the outer shell. Perhaps these would taste better fresh out of the oven. 
There is plenty of savoury flavours to choose from as well. I was disappointed that the Egg Mayo Stick (¥210) that I ordered was not from the display batch but pre-wrapped in a plastic sheet, resulting in the steam from the warm bread to condense within the wrap and made the stick soggy and bad. 
Furthermore, there was a lack of consistency as our stick had fewer eggs than those on displayed. Fortunately, the Mentaiko Stick (¥160) could withstand the moisture invasion, probably because it was pretty hard like a baguette in the first place. This is good and probably the best item out of all the sweet + savoury I've tried from this shop.

Unless you carry an oven during your travel or lucky enough to catch the freshest ones out from the kitchen, it is difficult to enjoy the potential deliciousness of the bread. Better head to their cafe outlet in Tennoji Abeno where you can sit back and enjoy a breakfast from 

Le Croissant Shop ル・クロワッサン ショップ

Various outlets including Shinsaibashi, Kyoto
2-7-25-1F Shinsaibashisuji, Chuo Ward, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture 542-0085, Japan
TEL: 06-6211-9603
Daily 11am-9pm