Spinacas: Hearty Salads Delivered

I am a huge vegetable lover and those who have dined with me would know that I am always the one who clear up any remaining side greens on the plate. Hence, I don't run away from any vegetables or find it a chore to consume salads. 

Nonetheless, finding the right place that offers nutritious salads that does not skimp on ingredients has been quite a hassle until I was introduced to Spinacas, an online salad delivery service started by Phyllis Chua to busy working crowd. 

The concept is very straightforward--high protein, low carb salads which are great for paleo and primal dieters. Well, if the words paleo and primal sound greek to you (and to me initially), trying Spinacas salads will give you an inkling on what they are all about. 

Basically, the salads are low-GI as refined high GI carbohydrates such as bread, pasta and potatoes are fully absent. Yet, each salad comes with at least 100g of meat and I didn't have to worry about the other toppings, as they are pre-decided. These toppings include honey cherry tomatoes, broccoli, hard-boiled egg, nuts, seedless grapes and a seasonal surprise ingredient. 

Not to forget the surprise cheddar cheese inside each box as it imparted natural flavors without depending too much on the dressing. All I have to do is to select the meat preference (or the vegetarian option) and size (regular or petit). The website here also explains clearly how one can select their salad choice that best meet their dietary preferences! 

Out of the 4 types which I've tried, I enjoyed the Pulled Pork which delivered a smoky, peppery taste to the salad naturally, as well as lightly seasoned tofu pattie that is suitable for those who prefer salads to be meat-free. Moroccan Chicken is topped with fiery Chilli peppers but the spice level is well within manageable limits. Meanwhile, I find the Espresso Ribs to be slightly too sweet and short of bitter coffee notes. 

Nonetheless, I truly enjoyed such a wholesome and delicious meal that saved me both the time and trouble to prepare it. In fact, one regular size salad was sufficient to keep me full for hours till the next meal, unlike most salads that I've tried. 

It was also thoughtful for Spinacas to keep the meats, dressing and greens in different containers to ensure that the salad stay fresh and crisp until consumption. While the meat options are currently limited to poultry animals, I hope that the menu can gradually expand to seafood for fish lovers like me! 

Price starts from $9 for salads and $1 for add-ons.

*Latest News* Spinacas has launched a new side of Cauliflower rice (carb-free, rice-like texture, uses 100% cauliflower florets, deliciously sauteed with olive oil until light and fluffy, tossed with coriander, sesame seeds and cashew nuts) and partnered with Coco Water to offer refreshing coconut water over this CNY! 

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