Ah Hoe Mee Pok : Japanese Chef Cooks Mee Pok

We were joking that an angmo could come to Singapore and create a big news selling chicken rice because a Japanese father-daughter duo selling meepok instead of ramen has sparked interests as many flocked here to queue for the local Mee Pok that is cooked by Japanese. 

I learnt that they had learnt the ropes from Ah Hoe whose stall is also in Clementi. Pretty smart move since there is a significant Japanese expat population in Clementi. We queued for nearly an hour on a Saturday afternoon and finished the bowls within 10 minutes. As every culture has their own way of interpreting and mastering the cuisine, I am not surprised to learn that the owner-chef sets a timer to ensure that the noodles are cooked to the perfect timing, which is quite a common practice in some ramen-ya.

Compared to most meepok, the noodles here exhibited a softer chew and slid smoothly on the palate. The Special Mee Pok Dry ($4) tasted quite like an average bowl of noodles and nothing really special unless you empty the watery sourish-spicy condiment that reminded me of the transparent sour tao-cheo sauce that appeared frequently at teochew porridge stalls. The Bak Chor Mee Soup ($4) is more attractive to me as they actually added cabbage which enhanced the sweetness of the soup. 

I don't think it's a bowl that is worth the travel and queue since I can get a good and quick fix in from the hawkers in my area. But if you want to check out the hype, no one is stopping you. 

Ah Hoe Mee Pok 阿和面薄
Weng Kwang Coffeeshop
Blk 710 Clementi West Street 2
Singapore 120710
Closed every Sunday