BAKE Revisited : Valentine's Day Special

Looks like BAKE has rapidly expanded its territories not only in Japan but also overseas. Nonetheless, there is always long queue for its one and only item on the menu-Cheese Tart. It's Jiyugaoka outlet is a sleek white two-storey building with cafe seats on the 2nd floor. 
Something not usually found in other outlets in the Tokyo Milk Soft Serve (¥400), a spiraling "Eiffel Tower" that sat precariously on a delicious crunchy cone. It's smooth,  creamy and quite resilient to temperatures. This was quite sweet and would be better if they could come up with a cheese soft serve instead. However, the most disappointing moment was the cheese tart during this visit turned out even sweeter than i expected. Perhaps they have accidentally dumped a bag of sugar into the cream cheese and tart dough batter. 

Fortunately there was the limited Valentine's Day chocolate edition which was much enjoyable with its mellow edge. So good that it could justify a permanent spot on the menu.