Friday, November 20, 2015

Kichi Kichi キチキチ : The Omurice Show Since 1978

Thanks to my good friend's recommendation, I finally visited this small western restaurant which specializes in Omurice. Helmed by a one man chef Yukimura Motokichi, this place sits up to only 8 pax and reservation is strongly recommended unless you want to have dinner at 9pm or so. 
Diners are expected to arrive promptly at the reservation time. During our visit, there were people who walked in but they were all turned down by the chef, whom I think is already a half-celebrity considering his numerous media appearances. 

While there are a few western main dishes such as beef stew, chicken cutlet and croquettes on the menu, there is only one kind of Omurice--ふわふわの逆さオムライス "Fuwa fuwa no Sakasa Omurice" (loosely translated as "inverse omelette rice") Choose the size of your rice (half 1350 yen/regular 2500 yen), which is pre-cooked and arranged on the plate before the chef cooks the "omu". 
Having dished out the same omurice for so many years over and over again, Chef Yukimura has that air of confidence, or perhaps a strike of chef's arrogance as he pours the omelette over the rice with a practiced hand. 

He then slices it into half and unveils the soft, semi-molten egg lava that flows down unstoppably around the rice. This inevitably stirs exciting reactions especially from the local Japanese (not that much response from the foreigners) Last but not least, he generously ladles the secret Demi-glacé sauce before scattering some chives for the finishing touch. 

Done and served. 
(Visit my facebook or instagram account @dairyandcream for Live videos of chef in action)

The ketchup-flavored rice retained a nice chewiness while the "omu" was indisputably a skillful mix of different textures; both semi-molten and scrambled. Opinions were divided on the bittersweet Demi-glacé sauce as it was relatively light but I felt that it lacked character. 

Nonetheless, the Pumpkin Omurice (1350 yen), a special request which I made and thus not found on the menu, was our favourite that night. 
The rice was fluffy and sweetened with chunks of pumpkin, completed with a deliciously creamy white sauce. So good that I thought the chef should put it as a permanent/seasonal item on the menu. 

That said, the chicken cheese cutlet was well-executed too; golden crisp without any leathery bits. The cutlet might be drenched in melted cheese but it was not heavy at all, kudos to the blend of mustard in the sauce. 
Not to forget the soft quinoa rice on top and the secret pumpkin slices embedded beneath the ultra-tender meat. There is no reason why one must only visit for the omelette rice since this is crazily tasty as well. 
The only thing that would stop be from visiting again is the price, which is generally more expensive than average, even beating classic Omurice purveyors like Taimeiken. I figured it's better to skip the overpriced salad and just stick to the mains. Go for full size or go hungry later.

I think Chef Yukimura will be more than happy to entertain his guests with his superb egg show.

Kichi Kichi ザ・洋食屋 キチキチ
185-4 Zaimokuchō, Nakagyō-ku, Kyōto-shi, Kyōto 604-8017, Japan
Nearest Station : 京阪三条駅 (keihan sanjyou)
Lunch 12pm-2pm (Only for Sat/Sun/PH)
Dinner 5pm-9pm 
No fixed holiday (but chef takes holidays every month so do check his calendar)
Reservations can be made online here


  1. Hi, may I know your pumpkin omurice was being requested the day when you made reservation or you informed the chef on the day itself? Thanks!!

    1. Hi Zany, I requested through my online reservation. Hope you enjoy ur trip!


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