Le Bon Funk : Unconventional Food with Rebellious Vibes

Many friends have told me about Le Bon Funk and I finally tasted the food for myself. Yes, the food is good. It's not what you can easily find outside. The signature Foie Gras toast with cedar jelly is so far one of the more successful interpretation of Foie gras I have. It's still your familiar Foie gras + sweet jam kind of combination, but tons lighter in the form of frozen Foie gras shavings.
The Artichoke with alioli and vinaigrette is somewhat of an acquired taste. My table partner commented that it tasted like pickles or sour vegetables. It's not that sour, and you don't eat the entire vegetable. Only the soft mushy base of each petal. It served as a good table snack that almost lasted till our desserts.
Beef tongue with gribiche sandwich is THE dish that I've looked most forward to. And it was stunning. Piping hot toasts stuffed with layers of parma-ham-thin beef tongue and tangy gribiche sauce. Flavors are punchy and some might find it heavy on the salt which I thought was neutralized by the tangy gribiche sauce. A must try.
Another unexpectedly delicious dish was the Spanish Octopus that's cooked to the right tenderness. The smoked paprika lifted the dish with gentle spicy kicks and made this different from the grilled Octopus elsewhere.
The ricotta agnolotti (note: it's not ravioli) was decent and not a must have. It looked rich and creamy but tasted otherwise. I can't tell the presence of cauliflower but the leeks and fried garlic chips definitely took the front seat.
You know the place takes its desserts seriously when you have something quirky like the sweet potato mochi balls, browned butter and mascarpone in one. It's savoury and sweet, with delightful crunchy bits of caramelized nuts sneaking from beneath the innocent cream that actually tasted funky of goat milk.
I love the food, the place and the vibes here. Good for small groups gathering and romantic dates. I've already spotted a few other items that I want to try. Can't wait to be back!

Le Bon Funk
29 Club St, Singapore 069414