Beanstro : New Breakfast Specials

Beanstro, the bistro concept of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®, has whipped out new enticing breakfast specials from now till July 31. With our Singaporeans' love for their runny Egg Benny,  the bistro has thoughtfully included 2 poached eggs in every set, served with tomatoes and greens to fulfill our daily healthy intake.

Out of the four breakfast permutations, we loved the Egg Beef Patty ($13++) the most. With a distinct crust on the surface, the interior had a lovely hints of spices that cut though the richness of the egg. To add to the allure, this had an extra golden layer of beautifully torched hollandaise sauce.

The Egg Florentine ($12.50++) came with folded browned ham with nicely charred edges, distinguishing itself from the light pinkish version. The unseasoned poached eggs married nicely with the savoury ham and wilted spinach, though the latter was slightly over-salted. The egg yolk was flowing very quickly but we mopped it clean with the pillowy soft toast (not dry English muffins) within seconds.

I love smoked salmon but I must admit that the tastebuds lost its direction between the Egg Royale ($13.50++) and Egg Salmon & Asparagus ($14.00++). Both were similar except for the asparagus in the latter that offered an extra crunch. Some dashes of pepper that I've added in later, perked up my appetite which was unexpectedly overwhelmed by the creaminess of smoked salmon and eggs.

Apart from the hearty breakfast,  BeanSTRO also offers a selection of desserts which we bought some to try though they were not part of the review. (Scroll to bottom for details)

Egg Salmon & Asparagus ($14.00++).
In short, if you are craving for good-quality and affordable breakfasts, Beanstro fits the bill as compared to the average $20 brunches nowadays. The impressive thing is how the chef consistently delivered perfectly poached eggs that oozed egg yolk profusely for every single dish.I am not a beefy person but should I return here for breakfast again, I would definitely pick the Egg Beef Patty---Sinful pleasures at its best.
Lastly, Beanstro is Halal-certified, so muslim-friends are welcome to enjoy the food here!

Available only at 
Beanstro Takashimaya S.C, #B1-37,
Breakfast Specials: 8am-11am daily (Wake up earlier to grab the bite)
Regualar Menu:  8am-11pm daily
Thank you Herbert and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® for the invite.


Post Review:

The Tiramisu ($10) was too dry and lacked coffee aroma, though the sweet Chantily cream served alongside was a nice touch.

The filling of the Cream Puff ($8) between two dry shells was rather cloying, but not too sweet.

The Mango Almond Tart ($8) had a nice crumbly texture but passable. The breakfasts are more enjoyable than the desserts, which could have tasted better if not served too chilled.


  1. Wow so many choices, but the Egg Florentine looks good!

    1. Haha..the egg florentine was really delicious as it looks. I've read your review previously before heading here. And I agree with u for their tiramisu;)


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