Patisserie G Part I

Patisserie G is a hot French-style patisserie had been featured so many times on the newspapers, variety shows and magazines. After so many months, I finally paid a visit but the steep prices of the individual cakes ($8.50-$9) looked quite scary.

To avoid huge risks, I opted for the Macarons, albeit still not cheap for the petite size at $3. Having read so much about the excellent macarons by the chef who had trained under World Pastry Master Pierre Herme, I must admit that I felt underwhelmed after a few bites.

(From R-L) : Salted Caramel / Cherry Matcha / Yuzu Raspberry/ Pistachio/ Peanut Butter Chocolate/ Mandarin Orange Cheese
Not that they were biscuit-dry but not the best-for-value ones. The texture was crumbly, slightly chewy. Some were more delicate than the others because ganache was used instead of buttercream.
But putting ganache implies that the macarons do not last long at room temperature. My favourite Salted Caramel was almost disfigured after a 45-min train ride home (my fault...luckily, it still tasted wonderful). But what I would remember about G's macarons is their eye-catching colours and uncommon flavours like olive and milk choc miso.
On my 2nd visit, I was determined to get myself a cake no matter what. And it was the Douceur Chocolate: milk choc mousse on a hazelnut dacquoise that changed my overall impression of the pastries here.
This ultimate hazelnut combination brings to mind Pierre Herme's Plasir Sucre, but I was so happy that the version here was even better as it was not overly sweet or cloying. The extra crunchy praline in the middle had no signs of staleness.

The (not-new-by-now) flavour--Salted Hazelnut was better than the macarons on 1st visit

I liked all the macaron flavours, but I'll pick the salted caramel/salted hazelnut again (as always). After these two visits, I returned for a massive eat-out on the third visit (probably due to desperate longing for cakes in Japan). Click here more delicious items from G :)
Patisserie G
9 Raffles Boulevard, #01-40 Millenia Walk (Nearest MRT: Promenade)