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Sakae Sushi and its green frog mascot is a familiar brandname to many Singaporeans. For me, I remembered it as one of the first few places in Singapore besides Yaohan (demolished) where I head to satisfy my sushi cravings. They have recently launched a new menu and here are some of the dishes.

I tend to jump straight to the sushi or sashimi when I visit Sakae. But this time round, I realised that the appetisers were pretty tasty too, and in fact better than few of its sashimi items. For instance, the Asari Miso ($6.29) were tiny springy clams seasoned in miso paste that dominated the flavou

Perhaps I was the only one at the table who enjoyed the stickiness of the Ika Okura ($6.29)--ladyfingers mixed with squid. It was a light dish without need for extra seasoning.

The Honey Sakura Ebi ($6.29) is simply a pot of sweet crunchy prawns that are so good for snacking that I doubt nobody will dislike unless he/she is allergic to crustaceans.

Kohada,小鰭 literally "small skin", is the generic name of a small fish that is rarely served in Singapore. Shinko (young gizzard shad) grows to become 小鰭 which subsequently matures as Konoshiro.

Marinated  with soy and vinegar, the silvery sashimi ($4.29/3pcs) already has a mild sourish and salty taste, so I suggest you to enjoy the original flavour without soy sauce. 

Oysters fans may be delighted to know that there are mouthwatering raw oysters from Hiroshima here at $8.29(4pcs). I am not a fan of oysters but those who did found them fresh and delicious.

Perhaps most Singaporeans recognize Katsuo (Skipjack Tuna) as the bonito flakes on top of Okonomiyaki or the key ingredient powder for ramen broth. The strong fishy-ness of the tuna ($6.29/4pcs) may not appeal to everyone.

Alternatively, there is the seared katsuo on sushi rice($4.29/2pcs), though  some soy sauce and wasabi did help the wash off lingering fishy-ness.

Something new and interesting that I learnt that day was: If you order any items with the electronic machine, it will be sent from the kitchen on the conveyor belt and stopped directly in front of you.

Anything smeared with creamy mentaiko(cod roe) is bound to be a hit and this Mentai Kamo Sushi is no exception. Part of the Mentai Combo ($7.99), this Japanese-French fusion sushi featuring medium-sliced smoked duck was flavorful and not too dry.

For the Aburi Hotate Sushi, they were fortunately not over-seared. Fresh, plump and succulent, the scallops caused me to forget about the salmon roe. For a bit of everything. the Aburi Combo ($7.99) allows you to enjoy this with other seared items (salmon, tuna and skipjack tuna).

From the side menu, the Ooba Tempura ($4.29) is a white fish battered in Ooba leaf. The deep-frying have eliminated any bitter taste of the leaf and so this should satisfy any fussy kids who hate their greens.

The ramen tasted more like Korean style noodles rather than Japanese tonkatsu ramen. Both the Seafood (above) and Wagyu Beef ramen used the same kimchi soup base that was not spicy.

Though the Seafood($15.90) is packed with more ingredients, I liked the Beef version ($16.90) for the thinly-sliced grilled beef that reminded of bak kwa(pork jerky)
The Chicken Ramen ($14.90) would suit those who prefer something light. Though all three ramen were not as flavorful as tonkatsu ramen, they were significantly less salty and greasy.

Did you know that Sakae Sushi now offers Sake as well? It took 3 years for the founder, Mr Douglas Foo, to convince the Japanese sake owner to distribute this Junmaishu ($15.99/bottle) in Singapore. I am not a sake expert but it was sweet and mellow.

The mango pudding ($3.59) can be misleading as it was actually made with apple and mango purée. For the pear pudding($3.59) , the liquor was not strong enough but overall both are sweeter than average.

I always thought that Sakae Sushi only served sushi but now it has a wider variety menu with some dishes like the Kohada sashimi and Smoked Duck Sushi that caught me by surprise. In fact, Premium Wagyu and Oyster sushi are also new items on the menu.
Wish to try some of the new items here? Sakae Sushi has generously offered 3 sets of $20 cash vouchers (without minimum spending) to lucky readers!

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Contest closes 17th June (next Mon), 12 Noon. Winners will be contacted by email.

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