Windowsills Pie: Eat Humble Pie

Similar to cupcakes,  I would seldom buy pies because they can be made at home easily without any sophisticated equipment like the airgun or blowtorch. But words about this Singapore pie shop which opened in 2011 came into my ears and it seemed that many people found their pies very good. 

So how good were they? In a typical local Patisserie,  there are usually a mixed of good and some rather average or poor items. Though the pie crust was not consistent across all flavours,  it is difficult to find fault in almost all the 6 out of the 8 Windowsill Pies tasted.
My favourite is this Banana Cognac Almond Brittle ($7) even though I tend to avoid banana desserts.  Though caramel juices at the base, the shortcrust pastry remained flaky and the bittersweet balls of almond brittle added extra crunchiness. Perhaps they could consider selling packs of almond brittle besides pies.

If you like milk chocolate pudding, marshmallow and Graham crackers, the S'mores ($8) is the one to go. This pie structure was the sturdiest among all but the home-made Graham crackers were unfortunately too soft.
The classic lemon meringue tart was given a beauty makeover into Lemon Strawberry Pie($7).
Tube-shaped strawberry compote lined the pie base topped with luscious lemon custard. Though I find the meringue too sweet, the excellent lemon curd makes it one of the best lemon pies/tart in Singapore.
Another of my favourite is the Sam Willows ($7.50), as the light fruity pear chantily cream nicely contrasted with the peanut butter mousse base. The guilt of eating this might be lesser if compared to a chocolate + peanut butter combination.
 The Grasshopper ($7) , a new item, is a mint chocolate mousse on top of a flourless chocolate cake topped with salty cookie crumbles. Well, the crumbs aren't that salty but the mint  flavour is a refreshing treat and reminds me of the classic Andes Mint but I wonder if anyone can try mixing mint with something else other than chocolate......

Last but not least, the pumpkin pie with bourbon whip cream ($7.50) is a truly rustic one but the pie crust was comparably softer than the lemon strawberry slice. The pumpkin filling was not mixed with spices so it was a pure bliss of just naturally sweet vegetable with the cream that does not really recalls of any alcohol.
Pourover coffee ($7 for 2)
It is rare to come across sweet pies specialty shops like this and this also shows how much the dessert scene in Singapore has changed these years. Though they do have some latest additions of savoury bites, I believe I will still be attracted to their sweet items, especially if they have any new creations. Strangely, the decor reminded me of Little Red Riding Hood but I liked it a lot.
Windowsill Pies
78 Horne Road
(p.s. no taxes or service charge :)