Antoinette : The Four Musketeers

Their macarons might not be good but at least their pastries are still decent and worth the try if you don't mind the occasion indulgence. The previous post of Antoinette was on their Christmas series here but  the 4 cakes shown here are part of the regular items of the 2012/2013 series. 

One can tell from the name Kyoto that this is a Japanese inspired cake made of matcha mousse, chestnut creameux and matcha sponge. This does not taste sweet despite the presence of chestnut and the green tea powder used is likely to be authentic for it had a mild bitter aftertaste.

I love this Gula Melaka Tart out of the four as the taste and textures is like a haphazard mess but in a good way.  The bright yellow exotique coulis on top burst out that sour passionfruit lava which cuts the coconut mousse but hits head on into the next layer of gula melaka cremeux, finger sponge with gula melaka. I have also under-estimated the tart shell which survived the weight of the mousse by maintaining its crispness.
The Chloe is made up of yuzu cream and enrobed in white chocolate mousse with a light sponge cake on a crumbly thin almond biscuit

Unlike most yuzu cakes, the generous amount of yuzu centre gives a tartness that balances of the extremely sweet and milky white chocolate. The base is flat one here.

The Forbidden Fruit inspired from the Adam and Eve story, is made up green apple mousse, green apple jelly, maple cream with chunks of vanilla scented caramelised apples on a sweet financier cake base. The combination of maple and apple is refreshingly light and the flavours did not clash or overwhelm the other.

I hope that these four will stay for good while the older versions can be replaced with new exciting flavours so that the Singapore pastry scene can match up with the rest of the world.
And perhaps for those with a sweet tooth, its upcoming CNY catalogue has been released featuring some dark chocolate cake with mandarin orange mousse and also a almond orange macaron. Read here to find out more :)

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  1. Congrats on your blog. Looking forward to more yummilicious entries.

  2. Thank you for leaving a comment here.
    By the way, I have visited Abe's Diner with my friends and blogged about it. The crowd is rather sparse but most likely I will not return unless to try its oyster or anko nabe , or other western dishes.


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