Godiva CNY chocolates 2013 and others

The difference between snack reviews and restaurant reviews is that I eat them faster than I can blog to share about them. And before I knew it, the pile of snack photos has accumulated to hundreds in the computer folder and sieving out the good ones become a chore.
But here are some latest and not so latest ones which are definitely worth your calories.
January Chocolates from Boxup
After a previous review of how good this was in November here, I've returned for this month selection. Most of them require you not to chew them and let the bars melt in your mouth to catch some salty bits or green tea bits like the one in the 32% Milk chocolate with Sencha Green Tea from Dolfin (not dolphin). It tasted stunningly like a "green tea ice cream" despite the fact that the chocolate bar is....all black in colour.

Like how women try to avoid clashing outfits when they go for parties, it's better to double-check with the chocolate gurus of Boxup if you want to send this for someone special, otherwise he/she may end up receiving the same box more than once.

The Godiva CNY 2013 new chocolates: Milk chocolate with Green Tea and Dark chocolate with black tea ($3.80 each) . Stamped with a snake logo each,  both have strong  floral accents but the matcha ones might be too sweet for some.

Sweet and Salty Pretzels: these Greek yoghurt chocolate coated savoury pretzels by All Natural (from cold storage) lure you with the no-trans fat healthy message but it becomes insignificant when you can't stop at one.

Same goes for this by Godiva, except that they are coated in milk chocolate.
The Thin cookie with Salted Butter Caramel is a kosong cookie yet brittle and buttery.  (available at The Cocoa Trees) Made in France by LocMaria, this cookies are made with natural good ingredients without coloring agents and preservatives which sounds relieving to the ears.