Sweetspot: Eating Lego Bricks

Lego is something that accompanies the childhood of most people and now it has been turned into an art exhibition which has been held since last year and will end this April at the Art Science Musuem, Marina Bay Sands. But the main thing is not the arts but the cakes at Sweetspot. How time flies as the previous post was all about Chocolates in 2011. 
Photo Credit : Nathan Sawaya, MBS
In conjunction with the exhibition : Art of the Brick, Sweetspot located at MBS has come up with this Lego cake, which looks exactly the same as the latest item at Canele Patisserie.

Though enrobed with a green chocolate case, this consists neither matcha nor pistachio.

 But is simply a very sweet white chocolate mousse with tangy raspberry compote and a layer of sponge cake. The texture was smooth and everything fits well, but not convincing for a second try.
Compared to the lego cake, Whipsands, a chocolate caramel cake, would leave one yearning for more.

Sweet Milk chocolate with thick gooey caramel and candied cashew and an addictive layer of crunchy praline at the base.
The Sweet Thyme and Orange sounds special and worth trying if you don't mind herbs and spices in cakes. The mandarin orange cream centre sitting on a hazelnut meringue sponge cake is surrounded by a thyme-infused white chocolate mousse. The sweetness of the white chocolate mousse overshadowed the taste of thyme though.
This Chocolate Cherry Cake is simply a blackforest cake renamed, just that the cherry did not taste artificially sweetened. Certainly not an extraordinary cake.
No matter how poor the food may taste, I usually tell people to go for a try because taste is subjective. But this Lychee rose mousse with raspberry could not have been produced by the same team which came up with the delicious creations above.
It was not mousse but like a chewy rubber which could be due to too much gelatin powder. It is just too simple to be priced as the most expensive cake among the selection.
Fortunately, the eclairs here are at least not too disappointing. I've tried the coffee one and the matcha one shown here is generously filled, like eating a green tea burger .
Basil Cookie : Champion of the Sweetspot Christmas Cookie Competition 2012
This was my Nth visit but I will still be back. One thing good about the shop is that some items, besides their signature chocolate paradigm, often change after a certain period. Apart from this, they have macarons, bread and chocolate truffles just like a typical Patisserie. Did I forget to say that their giant macadamia peanut butter($2.50) cookie was sinfully delicious too?:)
Marina Bay Sands Hotel Lobby Tower 3
Daily : 7am-10pm