Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake: 鐵叔叔起司蛋糕 噱头还是真材实料?

If you walk past the Taipei Main station, there is always this stall that would attract a long queue all day.
Tetsu Ojisan, a famous brand from Hakata that has opened 2 outlets in Kyushu since 1990, has been producing the Japanese style souffle cheesecake that has won fans from both local and overseas. For information : visit its official Japanese website  http://www.uncletetsu.com/

The secret behind this lies in it's premium ingredients cheese and eggs that are sourced from Hokkaido and Miyagi. This formula produces a soft and very light cheesecake that resembles a sponge cake. Each 6-inch cake cos NT199.
In Taipei, one person is strictly allowed to only purchase one as the oven only produces 12 whole cakes each time.So the question is : is it really that good and worth the waiting time?

Well, the texture is faultless especially for those who prefer this kind of souffle cheesecake to the denser New York style cheesecake. However, the taste of cheese is lacking and there is no aroma of vanilla, eggs or cheese. Moreover, it is relatively drier than the similar souffle cheesecakes here like ichiban or breadtalk. Hence, the great hooha in Taipei over this Tetsu  cheesecake might just simply be overhyped.

Perhaps the original version in Kyushu might be softer and more moist but that will only be known when I get to try one in future. That said, if you are willing to spend hours queuing for this no-fuss cheesecake, be prepared to go early even before it opens at 10am.

Uncle Testsu's Cheese Cake 鐵叔叔起司蛋糕
Booth G2-2


  1. tried that in Chongqing, China. disappointed and regret the time wasted waiting

    1. Ooh I didn't know that it also has outlets in China. I heard that it just opened recently in Ion Orchard, Singapore.

  2. I just back from Taiwan, the que was long as usual.. I didn't know Singapore have it.. Haha.. I'm gonna go ion and buy!!

    1. ah i see. i thought it was rather similar to the japanese cheesecake by breadtalk and ichiban boshi though


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