Korean BossBarBq: Chicken Wings in Gangnam Style?

BossBarBq is a Korean BBQ joint which opened recently at Clarke Quay. Apparently this is quite popular especially among young Korean fans and it has drawn a significant crowd compare to other restaurants in the same area.
The usual starters: kimchi, sweet radish and bean sprouts
The kimchi was not too salty but it is  too bland to be called kimchi

Signature Fried Chicken Wings (non spicy)
This is the smaller 9-piece version. This was good but not exceptional.
The coating is crunchy, not too greasy while the meat remains moist. There were 3 different kinds of sauce: salt & pepper, sweeter version of mayonnaise, chilli sauce.

Kimchi Stew
This is much milder than I had expected. It lacks the spicy punch and had a slight bitter taste. The taste does not whet up one's appetite.

Seafood pancake
Highly recommend this even if you don't like Korean pancakes. This one is really the best Korean pancakes I've had because it has more ingredients than the flour batter.
Furthermore, you can imagine hearing the crunchiness when you give it a bite as you look at the golden brown coating. It is packed with calamari, prawns, chives, red chilli and even OYSTERS!

BBQ Pork Ribs
Although this is supposed to be "spicy", there is really not much spice in it and the glaze is just a sweet thin layer. Moreover, the pork is too rough and hard to tear off from the bone. Not to mention that the fries were bland and slightly soggy. It looks totally different from the blazing red hot ribs on the menu.
Refill of free side dish with chewy cuttlefish
The side dishes are free flow but I was not aware until the staff asked if we would like more side dishes.

Overall the food here is quite average except for the seafood pancake (it is so big that it is good for sharing) which is extremely good and crispy. Unfortunately, many of the items were unavailable ( fish and spicy cheese chicken). I would not find the chicken wings here particularly fantastic too. Meanwhile, the service was also not prompt and attentive. Perhaps this "famous korean barbeque brand" might have been overrated.

3C River Valley Road
#01-04 Clarke Quay