Bistro Soori: A Shining Hidden Gem

 It may sound like an Indian or Korean Restaurant but this place actually serves up modern Asian Fusion Cuisine. The concept is very unique as the chef incorporates modern gastro-alchemy techniques into the cooking. Sounds like a science experiment? 

Bistro Soori is marketed under Alila Villas Soori Bali, a luxurious resort in Bali. I am not sure how the business works but this place seems to be doing very well despite the fact that there were less than 4 tables occupies  on a Saturday. But I think that the surviving factor lies in the high quality of the cuisine served here.
Soft and fluffy warm bread with homemade butter spread that is creamy and lightly seasoned with herbs and salt. Once you have tasted the bread, you will know that you are going to have a memorable night for the rest of the food.

Complementary Starters from the Chef : Slow roasted pork belly, pumpkin, frisse( the veggies), pumpkin seeds and yuzu gastrique
The gastrique word sounds like gastric acid but actually the taste is totally different. The fatty pork belly is so tender and the pumpkin is naturally grilled on the outside, moist and sweet on the inside.

However, there is only one chef who is none other than Chef Benjamin McBride. He has been named one of the Singapore's Hot Male Chefs by I-S here . (Click to view his photo but don't identify the wrong one) Due to the limited manpower, do be prepared to wait very long in between each course.

1st appetizer: Pan Grilled Scallop with Mango miso purée and trout roe / Raw Scallops with caviar.
Under the 5 course chef tasting menu, there are 2 appetizers 2 main course 1 dessert. Highly recommend this for 2 persons as it will leave you full and satisfied as it is very value for $$. The scallops were very fresh and served 2 ways on a plate.

 2nd appetizer:  Marinated Angel Hair Pasta, Avruga, Seaweed, Fresh Crab Leg 

 1st Main Course: Cayenne Seared Lobster, Butter Corn Pudding, Yuzu, Green Chilli, Onions

2nd Main Course:Braised Beef with Mashed Potato, sweet and crispy chips.
Everything else was good except for the beef which might lack some sauce or flavours.

 Chef tasting Dessert: Araguani Dark Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream

This is the molten lava version of choc cake but the gooey liquid center is too little compared to the cake. But fortunately the taste is bitter and not sweet at all.
 So the above is the 5 course menu decided all by the chef so be ready for surprises :) 

Other mains include the Cured Roasted Pork Tenderloin, Braised Beetroot, Golden Raisins and Pear
 Texture is similar to sausage but its more tender and less salty. Matches well with the sweet component. Highly recommended for pork lovers

 Oven baked seabass with cherry tomatoes, spinach
This was simple and awesome. I suspect this was not seabass but cod fish because there was alot of good fats surrounding each flake of meat. The portion of the fish was very generous. The brown sauce has a bit of umami salty taste but goes well with the fish. The spinach may look like the usual salad but they are actually warm and soft.
 Lobster linguine with cream and Parmesan.
 This is not exceptionally fantastic but at least the cream sauce is not too overpowering. The portion is also sufficient even though the photo does not seem to reflect the actual amount.

Desserts: Steamed vanilla pudding with Salted Caramel and vanilla ice cream
The classic english way of steamed pudding that is not too greasy or sweet on its own. The thick and really-salty salted caramel sauce works wonderfully for me. Would be better if there are more caramel brittle for contrasting textures.

 Pandan Souffle
An Asian rendition of classic French souffle.

Tried to capture shots of it before it collapses. Not sweet at all but pandan fragrance is slightly mild. The Breton cookies were amazingly buttery and crisp.

Strawberry Shortcake with Apricot brandy cream
I like the way this is presented. Do not expect a fluffy light Japanese shortcake as this is done again the English traditional way. The texture falls in between a light butter cake and a scone. The strawberries were all well marinated instead of being served as they are.

Behinds the long waiting time and the rather bland beef dish, all the other food, especially the main courses and the appetizers, were truly shining. No wonder this place has consistently received good reviews since it had opened in 2011. Set away from the noisy downtown, this is a hidden gem with great ambience and remarkable food.

Bistro Soori:
2 Teck Lim Road
Singapore 088380