Box-up chocolates: Have you had your dose of Chocolate today?

As a self-confessed chocoholic, I feel that a day would be incomplete without having some chocolates. Having chanced upon something called Box-up one fine day, I gleaned in delight as I found out that it is a chocolate subscription service.
Chocolate subscription? What's that? Well, simply put, you have a box of surprise chocolates delivered to your door instead of magazines.
Priced at $25 a month (inclusive of delivery) , this box is very reasonable as you can indulge in a variety of award-winning high-end chocolate brands such as Guittard and Amedei( just to name a few) Some like Amedei are sold in some gourmet stores but the individual price can be high.
Therefore, I decided to go for a try and I have not been disappointed :) For the month of November, chocolate bars instead of truffles are featured. I really appreciated the extra effort which the people behind Box-Up have put into their service because each box comes with a specially bundled mini-cards that explain the unique characteristics of each chocolate. 

Being a kancheong person, I had to restrain myself from chewing and follow the instructions as I want to see if the taste really emerges as it is described on the cards. And voila! It is that few seconds that time momentarily freezes as you allow the chocolate to melt on your tongue and intrigue your tastebuds.

My favourite of the month is Theo-Bread and Chocolate 70%. As I have always been a great fan of sweet things with salt, this wonderful marriage of slightly salted French Bread with dark chocolate has won my heart.

For all chocolate lovers out there, I highly recommend you to try Boxup's service. The great thing is that customers are not obliged to commit to long term subscription as you can have the liberty of ordering on a monthly basis. I believe this flexibility is highly appreciated especially for frequent travelers.
 Since Xmas is coming, why not order an extra box to be delivered to your loved ones as well? For those who would are interested in this unique service, you can visit :
After writing this, I guess it's time to have my next piece of chocolate before my chocoholic mum finishes the rest! Bon Chocolat!