AJInoMORI: 味の森 A Forest of Tastes

Ajinomori? Does it mean the Taste of Forest? Or a Forest of Tastes? The settings of the restaurant give diners a warm forest feel while the menu has a wide selection of both traditional and creative Japanese cuisine. But according to the website, it means a "forest-ful flavors for the palette". 

Ajinomori brands itself as an izakaya but it seems more like a casual family dining place.
Sashimi Moriawase (5 kinds)
These were very fresh and should satisfy any sashimi lovers. But if you have a bigger appetite, go for the 7 kinds.

Kaki Fry
For those who might be looking for raw oysters, unfortunately this is the only oyster dish. Paired with mustard sauce, they certainly go well with another mug of beer.

Ebi and Avocado Roll
An average decent plate of sushi that is non spicy and suitable for kids who cannot take sashimi or spicy sauce.

 Pork and Kimchi Nabe
This left a deep impression because the thick kimchi stock here is actually more intense and flavorful than some Korean restaurants. The rich claypot of onions, cabbage, mushrooms and thinly sliced shabu shabu pork gives the soup a natural sweetness. Oh, and don't forget to break and mix the egg yolk before you dig in!

Cheese and Mentaiko Yaki Tofu Gratin
The healthy tofu does not help to reduce the sinfulness of the creamy cheesy sauce but it is definitely worth the calories for cheese gratin lovers.

The Mentaiko cheese sauce is not too overpowering and the dish surprised us with the long sticky strands of mozarella cheese like those in a hot pizza as you lift the tofu away from the dish. But the tofu is just literally lying comfortably in a bed of gooey cheese.

For a crunchy texture, this crispy salmon skin with spicy Mentaiko sauce is the way to go. Before you know it, these deep fried snacks will be gone in seconds. But do not expect extreme spicy sauce as the version here is very mild.

Spicy grilled cheese scallops.
This does not looked spicy nor tasted spicy. However, it was my favorite dish of the night because the size of the scallop meat is one of the bigger and fresher ones I've had locally.  Just swoon and slurp it up with the blend of cheese sauce and cod roe.

Goma Pudding
The sesame pudding here is highly recommended especially for adults as the taste is not sweet at all and has a nice aroma of sesame nuts. This is in fact one of the better and value for $$ desserts so far.
Custard Pudding with Caramel Sauce
Huge scoop of Matcha Ice cream with red beans
Chocolate Millecrepe cake that seems to be offered for a limited time as it is not on menu.
This place actually offers much more interesting looking dishes such as omelette in pink gravy of Mentaiko and grilled unagi in light grey-colored mustard sauce. Looks weird on the menu but they certainly stirred my curiosity. Desserts are recommended if you still have space. 

This izakaya has both counter seats, normal tables as well as tatami seats. A quaint joint that is located in holland village but has somehow draw a decent crowd of customers since its opening. The place currently has 1-for-1 promotion for its beers and sake. Check out its facebook page if you are interested
Holland Village
17D Lorong Liput


  1. litian, how are the prices like? for instance, the avocado ebi sushi?

    1. Hello!
      My apologies for the late reply
      the avocado ebi is $14 while the mentaiko tofu cheese is $12.. The price range for the maki is from $11 onwards. I have sent u partial photos of the menu so if u r interested u can have a look :) The desserts are from $5-$8


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