Magosaburo : The Place for Kurohana Gyu

Magosaburo is a Japanese yakitori restaurant which has only opened around end of last year. It specialises in serving Kurohana beef from Kumamoto, Kyushu.

According to ieatishootipost, the restaurant has imported the whole cow from Kyushu instead of just serving up some cuts from the cow.

This suggests that diners get to enjoy rare cuts that might not be available in other yakiniku joints.
 The first to be served is their premium cut-Chuck Eye Roll which was at a discounted price.
For such a small quantity, the after discounted price is still not cheap but brings some comfort to your wallet. This cut would be recommended for people who like soft and tender meat.

These thinly slices chuck meat do no melt in your mouth but the oils that are released after grilling wrapped the entire slice and that fragrant aroma of meat just lingers in your mouth. Personally, there is no need to splurge all on the different types of cut but just ordering one to try out what it tastes like will be more than satisfying and not make you regret when you leave the place.

Garlic Rice with Salmon
Chunks of fresh salmon mixed into the aromatic Niigata rice. This has other varieties such as beef & leek, chicken & bacon. But do not expect fluffy Chinese style stir fried rice as this is stickier and resembles a loose version of onigiri.

Gyu dome Fish Dome
Roasted Meat covered in sweet kelp or konbu and packed in Himalayan Salt. You can choose your own dome( steak, "national treasures magalican pork" ) Since we've ordered fish, this one is not a gyu dome but more like a fish dome. This dish is drizzled with alcohol and set aflame on a trolley that will be pushed to your table.
While the fish dome is cut, you can detect a unique smell from the roasted konbu, which is very sweet and not fishy.

We chose "Fresh Sea Bream" that was stated as imported directly from Japan. Spots of Himalayan rock salt which must have been stained green by the konbu. The fish is really fresh and not dry or flakey. Picky fish eaters among us even gave a thumbs-up. But apart from the visual effect, it may be more worth it to order other kinds of meat.

Mixed Sashimi Salad
The tangy sauce which has hints of yuzu gives the usual sashimi a refreshing taste. Having sashimi in a salad way is better than just a sashimi platter.
Stewed Ox Tail Soup
Clear soup with a hint of wine aroma.

Assorted Kimchi
As you might have already seen, there are some Korean cuisine in the menu. It is presented with spicy red chilli flecks and you can have it just like that without finding it too salty.

Chopped grilled eel on rice served with Japanese Herbs and broth

Prefer this to the garlic rice. I could not figure out what the pink mustard-like sauce (seems like mentaiko). We mixed everything up together with the wasabi to get a Japanese version of Korean Bimbibap without the sweet bean paste. This is worth trying for a change from usual teriyaki eel don. You can have the rice with the broth but I prefer it without so as to prevent the broth from diluting the taste of the rice.

Desserts: Matcha Creme Brulee
Give the crispy shell a crack and enjoy with the bitter matcha Custard below.

Orange grapefruit jelly

Orange Cheesecake
Taste too gelatinous and seems like a hard jelly rather than a light cheese mousse cake.

Overall, what left me the best impression was the yakiniku. It would be a wasted trip if you never order a beef dish. One need not only only order the yakiniku to try the beef as there are other cheaper alternatives like wagyu beef with Tamago on hot plate. However, one can give the desserts a miss as I find them overpriced for the quality.

It's located at the 4th and 5th level of ION, where you can have a nice scenery of the vicinity

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