Mad Nest: A Place to Satisfy the Fickle-minded

What happens when you want to eat Indian food but others want to eat Japanese food or Italian food? The place to go is Mad Nest, a cool hangout bar and restaurant where everyone's demands can be satisfied
 It has a very very long extensive menu that is divided into Japanese, Indian, Italian-Asian and All day brunch. The other menu is the drinks and tapas where you will find chicken wings, fries and cocktails.Oishii Maki-Highly Recommended
(ingredients: cod roe/eel/avocado/salmon/mayo)

We've ordered all the chef's recommendations but this one really shines out from the rest even though it is fusion sushi. I like the sweet mayo on top of the roasted salmon (raw but char broiled on the surface) . Did not find the mayonnaise too much because it is balanced with the salty cod roe. Grilled eel & avocado, the two fatty elements are found in the centre.
Do have it in one bite to experience the burst of flavors and textures.
Fish curry
The indian food did not appeal greatly. Why? It was too sweet & lack the spicy punch. (even though it stated "spicy sauce with onions garlic ginger tomato and chillies" ) Quite odd to have only fish cubes in curry but at least the fish did not smell.
Being a cafe-bar with a social cause, art pieces of local artists are hang around the silver walls.
Prawn Masala - looks redder and more appetising than the fish curry

Another spicy dish for a family of chilli lovers like mine. This is rather average, considerably less sweeter than the fish and had a distinct sour assam taste. Topped with hard boiled egg.
We ordered some Garlic Naan for the curry. Minced garlic dotted the surface and the back was well toasted but lack garlic taste.Blue Cheese Alfredo Linguine
With thinly sliced Parma ham & Mushrooms.
This is not too rich or creamy for cream-based pasta lovers. Some may find it a little dry due to the extremely sticky texture of melted blue cheese. Surprisingly, the blue cheese smell was not too strong and I think this dish can be widely accepted.
Dhal Tadka (Tadka is a Bengali name for Chaunk-a form of cooking technique in which whole spices are fried in oil to enhance the flavour before adding to the entire dish)
Another pot of curry goodness. This time with yellow lentils. However, do not expect to taste a lot of spices here. Rather mild, but interesting experiencing some crunchy bits of cumin in each scoop of dhal.
Breakfast-smoked salmon and avocado eggs Benedict with wilted spinach, mushrooms and roasted tomato
Never can get tired of this all time brunch hit.Sounds odd to describe spinach as wilted but it is simply tasty like our Chinese style garlic stir fry except that this is less watery and more fragrant.
Poached egg with runny egg yolk is precisely left unseasoned since it is supposed to pair with the smoky salmon. Double the rich buttery-ness with the avocado lying in between toasted English muffin and salmon. Not to forget the luscious yellow hollandaise sauce on top of the entire stack.

Dessert selection limited to 3 from western menu, 2 from Indian and sadly 0 from Japanese. This tiramisu is average and rather dry with no taste of alcohol or coffee. Not recommended.

Gulab Jamun
Can understand why there is only a single fried milk ball per order.
 Make fresh upon order, this hot dessert is so sweet that one can raise the white flag after just having a morsel of it.
Sounds like a doughnut but taste not like a doughnut. Beware of the sugar overdose.
Great and prompt service, waiting time not too long. Though only tried one Japanese dish this time, I find it the most impressive one amongst the rest. Desserts can be given a miss.

Mad Nest
378/380 East Coast Road