Prewett's Bakery: Chocolate Coated Bourbons‏

I have not written about snacks for a very long time. However, I have come across something really good and tasty recently , I decided to share this with anyone who likes cookies, especially chocolate ones.

This delicious gluten and wheat free chocolate coated biscuits with a chocolate melting centre ( that is if you do not refrigerate it) might seem like an average cream biscuit.

But once you take a bite, it crumbles messily without warning. The amount of chocolate coating is just in perfect proportion to the dark chocolate cookie.
The best thing is that it is not overpoweringly sweet. There are other flavours like honey and oat, milk chocolate digestives etc.

The Prewett brand is famous for its quality gluten free health food. It's founder William Prewett, began milling flour in Sussex, England since 1872. But I disagree that one piece of this cookie is healthier than any others because just one piece is equivalent two 2 packets of kitkat bar. 
Nonetheless, the taste wins it all. Who cares if it's gluten-free or healthy or not? :)

Available at Meidi-ya Supermarket