My Willie Wonka Chocolate Factory

Have you ever picture your dream chocolate heaven when you read Roald Dahl's book? I did but I never expected that such a place would exist in reality.


But it seems like I am wrong

Old world nostalgic charm of Paris with this Choo Choo train that goes at full speed above diners' heads.

Since its the spooky season, we went to try out the Halloween Menu that is only available for the month of October.

Purée of Pumpkin with Honeycomb Served with herbed croutons

This should not be called a soup because it is so rich but not because cream has been added, but because you are just literally eating pureed pumpkin. Naturally sweet with bits of smoked chicken inside. It would be great to have this in winter!

Main-American chestnut with Pumpkin Risotto
Another dish that has exceeded my expectation because it is packed with cheesy flavour (well this means that some might not like it) mixed with steamed whole chestnuts, bacons, cubed carrots. This is just pure comfort food that you can just dig in spoonfuls after spoonfuls.

The dessert for the cake was apple cheesecake so it did not appeal to us. Hence, we settled with a 2 course Halloween meal.To try out something original from the restaurant, I ordered a signature ala carte dish

Duck Confit
This dish has won my hearts even though I am not a duck meat lover. Classic French style of cooking duck in oil but this is not greasy at all. Crispy outer layer with chunky duck thigh meat that you can just pull off easily.

Oooh my goodness. That bitter salty chocolate sauce surprises me as I had tried duck in chocolate sauce at an italian restaurant before but that occasion left me with a nightmare.
But this, truly blows my mind. I like the fact that the sauce is not drizzled or poured over the entire duck. So the crisp coating is maintained. With that soft creamy mash potato and generous portions of sweet baby carrots, fly me to the moon!!!

Dessert-Rustic Caramel Apple Pecan Cake with Ice Cream Gelato
This warm but not hot caramel pecan cake served in a skillet is not an apple crumble. So it is actually quite filling.The sweetest part is the ice cream and not the cake.

As I had happily finished the ice cream and little caramel sauce before the cake, I requested for more caramel sauce and was happy to receive it without additional charge.( be warned that this is big enough to be shared between 2-3, otherwise you will end up becoming too full)

Before leaving, Why not take home some wicked Halloween treats for yourselves?

Salted Caramel cupcake with a ghoulish marzipan

Mixed Berry cupcake with Spooky Eyeball Praline
These cupcakes are available all year but they are just being decorated to match the Halloween Season!
Verdict- I don't order cupcakes for it's simplicity but when I do, I have high expectations of it. I have a rule of preheating all my butter cakes, cupcakes and pound cakes before consuming so that I can get the most original taste. To me, cupcakes have to be not greasy, soft, moist and not too sweet. Au Chocolat versions are comparable to Twelve Cupcakes and they both met my expectation. However, I would wish for equal ratio of cream filling
Not only beautifully decorated but the taste is also delicious
That said, the service especially by a same guy was unsatisfactory as I received unpleasant expressions when I asked for a change from high tea set to duck confit. Other than that, the ladies at the takeaway section and other servers at the bistro were friendly.

Will I return to this place? Yes, the chance of returning is 90% but try to avoid peak hours during weekends
Happy Halloween!

Au Chocolat
Bay Level L1-03, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
Singapore 018972