Singapore Restaurant Week 2012: Covelli Italian Bistro & Wine Bar

Grabbing the affordable set dinner and lunches that are only available during the Singapore Restaurant Week, we pick some places that we would not have stepped in on usual days.
Warm crunchy Garlic toast:) better than bread roll with butter
How about pairing with a glass of red wine that is @special price in conjunction with S'pore Restaurant Week
In the mood for love? A brighter setting with tiled walls
Globe Artichoke & Eggplant Veloute with Crab Cheese Cremeux and Black Truffle Oil
Surprise tangy taste in a vegetable soup. One of the most unique tasty soup that is paired with uncommon black croutons. Transparent globs of black truffle oil accents the flavors of the vegetables but does not overpower the creaminess.
Slab of crab cream cheese is really salty and crabby ( like eating pureed crab) and thus matches well with the light bowl of soup.
                                           Tuna Carpaccio with Lime Sorbet, Kumquat Oil and Chives
Sharp sweet lime sorbet in rectangular cube form enhances freshness and savouriness of raw tuna. Lime could be sashimi's next best friend after wasabi.

                                           Modern black interior with a plasma TV? ??
Classic Caesar Salad
near perfect rendition of the classic salad. No chicken but bits of crispy dark brown bacon with luscious poached egg. What is impressive is that each piece of lettuce is generously coated with cheese dressing.
Pan-seared Nile perch with crunchy brussel sprouts.
Sweet umami from sea urchin mango cream. Black calamari ink spaetzel tastes like chewy fried dough.
Root Beer Braised Berkshire Pork Jowls with Spinach & Ricotta Gnocchi, Bacon Butter and Pecorino Snow
Cannot really detect any beer but the pork jowls were really tender and easily pull apart. 
The colour of the green gnocchi comes from the spinach and they are blended with ricotta.
Pork has always been underrated in most menus but this really outshines the fish main course.
Cheese powder, dried chilli flakes, tabasco? For some mystery food ahead......

                                                                    Covelli Supreme Pizza(*^◯^*)
For the price, the size speaks it's value. Bigger than the L size of home delivery pizza and able to feed more than 4. Like the crunchy slightly charred sides and thin crust. But cheese lovers would be disappointed as shredded mozzarella were too little to give the melty effect when u pull out a slice. Lack of effort to flavour tuna chunks results in bland taste even if pizza is topped with an egg.
Beetroot & Extra virgin olive oil cake with 60% Chocolate mascarpone
Innovative fusion flavors of vegetables into a dessert. Slightly salty moist cake. Bitter chocolate lumps that are a little harder than a usual mousse.
A Classic Must have at an Italian restaurant and this does not disappoint.
 Distinct coffee alcohol taste sandwiched between snowy thick mascarpone.

 Did not regret choosing this place. Good quality food (even though that was the first night of Singapore restaurant week) , too-high service quality (with a knowledgeable server constantly standing at a distance from the table but yet able to hear every conversation) 
Another wonderful night of taste adventure!

181 Orchard Road #B2-13/22 Orchard Central