Food for Thought:

After a long hiatus, I guess it is time to pick up the slack and continue sharing good food. Food of Thought is one of the few cafes in Singapore with a social cause-to raise funds for water provision in third world countries .They have a wide range of selection : all day breakfast which is not all day(till 530pm), salads,pastas, risottos, mains, in house desserts and slice cakes. Being a mid-range price eatery, it is highly popular among young people and even a group of tai tais or aunties who were sitting next to us.

Bottles hanging from the ceiling.Uncluttered,clean design with old school tiled tables.

Pumpkin Cream Soup
Natural sweetness and thick in taste. Not too much cream added and a slight grainy texture gives a kind of rustic feel to this simple dish

                                           Cheese Toast (basil pesto) with tomato thyme salad.
Besides basil pesto, one can choose chilli butter, garlic thyme. Foccacia bread is toasted but not too dry. Amount of cheese just right and the portion is fills one up easily.

  Hoi Sin Marinated Baby Back Ribs  With potato cheese gratin
 Look at that long slab of meat, flavoursome but not too salty. Meat is tender with bits of fats. Good for sharing even btw 3 person. Salad is same as the cheese toast but lacks dressing.

                                                                  Garlic and Prawn Linguine
Simple flavors and aroma but no negative criticisms about this dish.
pasta manages to retain some moisture.

Butterscotch apple crumble with vanilla ice cream and sautéed cherries and berries (good for 2)

Ice cream came like a big snowball. Crumble is average and is more cakey lumpy rather than buttery or crunchy. Prefer apple slices to apple chunks and a pity only to have tasted the butterscotch sauce at the very end as it was buried at the base.
warm cheese and brownie fudge with ice cream on bits of crumbles.
This was a pleasant surprise and something that was presented different from what I thought.

What is good about this......
 Similar to a warm cheese pudding with chocolate oozing out from the base. Not too creamy or overly sweet. Both desserts have tangy berries to balance the sweetness. Chocolate lovers should not miss this.

Looking at this special monthly menu makes me want to try the at least one item from the list.

And of course my pick is this : dark choc caramel tart

dark chocolate and salted caramel filling was just gooey enough but not salty to be called "salted caramel"
tart base was underbaked....could not spot any white chocolate glazed feuilatinne but the mini choco balls that had already "lose wind" . Below expectations

Waiting time was not too long. Quantity and quality is pretty worth for the price. Furthermore, without service charge, what could be better than a nice weekend evening here to chill out with a couple of good friends?

Food for Thought
8 Queen Street Outlet or Botanic Gardens Branch
Gooey mess from apple crumble...Burrpss *excuse me*