The Matcha Match Round 1

Recently, there is an increasing number of green tea related products and this is certainly a good news for matcha lovers. Though most of them are rather sweet than bitter, it is still interesting to see how the snacks scientists here incorporate the familiar taste into everyday snacks. The rise in the number of such products are testimony to the popularity of matcha among the locals here. 
Fujiya LOOK in Chocolate Series:  Matcha Mousse Truffle  ルック生クリームin(抹茶) 
Though this is released during winter, the green tea chocolate tasted best at room temperature as the mousse encased in the chocolate shell softens and melts immediately as you pop one into your mouth. Can't really taste anything if it is eaten straight as hard as a rock in cold temperature.  That's why they say good things require patience 
Country Ma'am Series Matcha Latte Cookie カントリーマアム(抹茶ラテ)
They tried to incorporate the matcha drink into a cookie using hokkaido cream and Uji famous green tea. 
Filled with dark and white choc chips, the texture of the cookie is not much different from the usual country ma'am cookie. 
Tohato Caramel Corn:  matcha black sugar flavour 

キャラメルコーンの春季限定フレーバー。 香り豊かな宇治抹茶のほろ苦さとコクのある黒みつのまろやかな甘さが、お口の中に広がる「抹茶黒みつ味」です
Crunchy and as light as air as usual,  but much more fragrant than the other flavours. 
This is one of the more impressive Tohato Corn products I've had so far because there are some that tasted too artificial. This one is rather mild and not overly sweetened.