I Eat Okinawa : Buffet@Hotel Maihama Okinawa

Okinawa, the food is actually very similar to Chinese cuisine as it is famous for stewed pork belly and fried bittergourd in egg, also known as goya chanpuru here. The buffets at local Okinawa hotel provide a good introductory course to the local cuisine. This is the first dinner buffet at Hotel Maihama. As the hotel is more like a resort than a hotel, the food is much more casual and average in taste and presentation.

Salad Bar featuring local produced vegetables
Wax Gourd with Hotel made Miso and Chinese Sesame Oil
Panfried Seafood with Chinese Black Bean Miso
Panfried Dried Wheat Gluten
Szechuan Mapo Tofu
Western Style Seafood Gratin in White Sauce & Neopolitan Spaghetti
Deep fried sticks
Smoked Autumn Pacific Saury
Salmon Carpaccio (Something like smoked salmon)
Squid Carpaccio
Pan Fried Gyoza with Pork Kimchi (not in photo)
Stewed Pork Belly on top of bean sprouts and long beans

Peanut Tofu
my favourite Mosugu seaweed
Lotus and Carrots Kinpira (a style of cooking)
Chirashi Sushi 
Japanese Marinated Egg Plant
Pickled Papaya in Brown Sugar 
Japanese Horse Radish (Daikon) and Dragonfruit Pickles
Deep fried fish in sweet and sour sauce and Chinese Style Bean Vermicelli with Squid

In fact, the food was quite average but what caught my attention is the selection of condiments. Finally some chilli that tastes like the sambal version in Singapore ( but the Okinawa version still lack the spicy oomph)

Parched Sesame seeds mixed with salt

And now for the desserts......
Jelly Selection : Peach / Mango/ Grape
Black Sugar Warabi Mochi coated with Kinako Powder
Salt Warabi Mochi
Okinawa Sweet Potato Ball
Sakura Flavoured Chinsuko-Hand Made (Okinawa famous Cookie)
Chocolate Cake 
Well this is quite a dry cake that taste like brownie
Mixed Fruits....many of the fruits in okinawa can be found in tropical countries. Pineapple, Grapefruit and Lychee.. The top left hand bowl contains Mini Chocolate Eclairs and not fruits.
Matcha Roll Cake
the soft serve ice cream in three ways
well...this is the vanilla and sweet potato version
Speaking of their ra-you or spicy chilli oil condiments, the hotel produced their own series of condiments and sold them in bottles . they have the pork miso , the ryukyu, the beef miso and fish miso version. 

the no. 1 seller is its agoo or pork miso spicy oil condiments. If I am not wrong, Agoo is an Okinawa dialect word for pork

the original okinawa spicy oil

Now here is the breakfast buffet of the same hotel. (only partial food taken once again)
Eggs made by the chef  but only sunny side up eggs
with the condiments...

Bread Section of croissant and white bread
Boiled and Seasoned Japanese Radish
Grilled saba and Pan fried tofu with vegetables
Fried fish cake
Omelettes and Potato Wedges
Okinawa Vegetable Shabu Shabu with Hotel produced Spicy Oil and Sesame Dressing (the pot of brown sauce)
this is the chilli oil that is sold in bottles shown in pictures above

Hot Tofu Pot
once again the salad bar with 3 different dressings
brown sugar steamed cake
There were many other food that were not shown here. These are the first two meals we had in Okinawa but I must say the later buffet breakfast boasts a much wider in variety and better quality.
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