I Eat Okinawa : the Morning Breakfast Indulgence @ Beach Tower Okinawa

Having a hearty breakfast on the sunny Okinawa Island would surely help one jumpstart the day. Beach Tower Okinawa offered a greater variety of food and they changed some of their menu daily as most hotel visitors stay in the hotel for more than a day. For example, raw tuna with grated yam was served on the first day but this was changed to vinegared cuttlefish on the 2nd day.

Here are some of the yummy delights:
Bacon & sausages
Okinawa Sliced Pork Belly...ooh looked at the pool of oil

Cold Tofu in Soy Sauce
Local Delicacy-Fried Bittergourd Chips and The usual guest-Potato Fries
Having fresh grilled Saba for breakfast is an indulgence!
Okinawa Salt (made in various islands of Okinawa) to go with the grilled Saba *thumbs up* Very Simple yet delicious
Another indulgence....Raw Tuna sashimi with grated yam
Onsen soft boiled egg....Delicious but this is always cold. Would prefer hot ones like those from our local kopitiams
 self service Okinawa Soba topped with onsen egg.....this is a specimen
have to add hot soup of simmered pork spare ribs to the bowl of soba. Okinawa soba is different from the usual soba because it is whiter and flat...like our chinese ban mian
the salad bar is different from the usual ones because of their dressings....here you can have pineapple, mango, the usual japanese style dressing....and pink dragonfruit dressing!!

And they even thought of the kids....

I tried some of the dishes from the kids section. Some like the carrot egg warm salad is tasty but the soup of broccolli and cauliflower is too bland.  I doubt any kids will like that veggie soup.
Selection of fruits (Pink Dragonfruit / Grapefruit....)
The Plain Yoghurt goes with either white sugar (right) or the black sugar (far right)
Yummy delicious French Toast....the sweet eggy taste was found in the toast. More hotels should serve this for morning buffet breakfast.
I like the wide variety of bread selection. Great for bread lovers like me.From Melon Pan, French Baguette, Pancakes, White bread......
to Croissants and Bread Rolls....served with variety of jam and marmalades
Warm Sauteed Papaya with Ham
And how not to forget the Okinawa Mosugu....but like natto, not all Japanese like this vinegared seaweed dish.
Hot Fish Soup with Okinawa Spices
My another favourite Okinawa dish...the Goya Chanpuru! Stir fry bittergourd with eggs and luncheon meat.

After a heavy breakfast, time to take a break and get ready for the local Okinawa Snacks.