The Matcha Match Round 3 : Some really good ones outshine the rest

爽    薫る抹茶&バニラ
This series of lotte ice cream is less creamy and more icy. As the word 爽 suggests a refreshing feel, the water content is higher and does not make one feel too sick of the creaminess. 
Open Sesame: Opening this ice cream is like opening a door
This blend of matcha and vanilla ice cream is also surprisingly not too sweet and as you poke your spoon or fork inside, you feel literally as though you are breaking ice.

Glico Cream Parlour Cookies and Green Tea Cream Chocolate (7 Pieces per box)
The taste is similar to Lotte Crunchy Chocolate Series as biscuits bits are mixed into the chocolate. However, the matcha flavour is not that strong but crunchy chocolate lovers would still find this a delight.

Monteur 2Pieces Uji Matcha Waffle

Even though this seems like a very simple snack, I highly recommend this because the texture is surprisingly soft, fluffy and not dry at all. The texture is so smooth that it can compete with sponge cakes from top patisseries here. 
Value for $$
The waffle is not the crispy kind but bouncy and soft. Each is filled with a lot of matcha cream that is made from Uji matcha and only a little bit of azuki bean paste is sandwiched in between the waffle and the matcha cream. Another plus factor that all the components in this package is not too sweet and suit adults' palate. 
MegMilk Matcha LatteMEGMILK石臼挽きの抹茶ラテ
Last but not least, this matcha latte also uses Uji Matcha that has been grinded. One can really tastes the richness of the milk in this as compared to those instant kind of latte. Another recommended matcha beverage.