Pierre Herme: The Masterchef

There is a reason why people, especially even pastry chefs in Singapore or abroad, go crazy when they visit Pierre Herme's shop ( be it in France or Tokyo). Well, simply because the quality of the pastries are consistently good and live up to the name of the great French chef. Visiting Pierre Herme's shop is like making a holy pastry pilgrimage.

Since he is so popular, there is not much need for me to elaborate on his profile. Besides macarons, there is also seasonal pastries which are not always available at every outlet in Tokyo.

Macaron chocolat noir, eclats de chocolat noir a la fleur de sel, mousse au chocolat amer et ganache au chocolat, caramel croquant
This is a delicate chocolate entremet with multiple flavours in one. The dark chocolate shards around the cake are dotted with fleur de sel and thus you can really get an obvious taste of sweet and salty. You also can get bitter chocolate mousse, crunchy caramel and chocolate ganache. This is by far the one of the best chocolate desserts I've tasted and it is really not as sweet as you would imagine.

Sarah サラ
Passionfruit Napage (Top), Marron Cream ( 3rd and 5th), Passionfruit Gelee (4th), Matcha Cream (6th) , Marron Nuts Dacquoise (2nd and last)
I wonder why this is named after a female name but this is the first time I've seen the combination of passionfruit, green tea and chesnuts together. The sweetest layer is found in the top passionfruit napage, which I suspected that white chocolate might have been added into it. Surprisingly, the marron cream was very fragrant and blended well with the intense matcha. However, the dacquoise was filled with too many nuts.

Macaron Fragola
Vanilla and Caramel Filling
Macaron Satine
Cream Cheese with a Passionfruit Apricot gelee in the centre
Glace Caramel ( Caramel Ice Cream)
All the ice creams are available for takeaway. Out of the six flavours, I chose to try this one first because it's caramel. And the taste of this ice cream was extremely good. It was not sweet at all, or I should phrase it as the most bitter caramel ice cream to date, which is much preferred than the usual sweet ones.

Orange Marmalade, Passionfruit Sorbet, Cream Cheese Ice Cream sandwiched in between Macaron
A very sour tropical taste which is similar to the Satine Macaron. It is quite interesting to have a ice cream macaron like this. The cheese layer is very subtle and might be a bit lacking in the cheese flavour for cheese lovers.
Limited Edition Glace
Wasabi, pamplemousse & fraise
This is a sorbet and so it is very light and healthy. Pamplemousse is actually grapefruit and fraise is strawberry. This is the first time I've come across a combination of wasabi and grapefruits and the result was slightly bitter, sour and spicy. The wasabi was strong but did not overwhelm the taste of the fruits. Quite a unique taste but not really as delicious as the caramel ice cream.

In short, Pierre Herme's creations do change every season now and then. Recently, there is also a marron(chestnut) verrine since many other patisseries have also come up with chestnut-theme gateux. The prices here are more pricey as compared to the rest of the patisseries but there are also other famous shops whose price range are similar to his. So try not to be deterred by the price and give it a try.

Pierre Herme
Isetan Shinjuku, Mitsukoshi Nihonbashi
For more outlets: http://www.pierreherme.co.jp/