El Toro : the Spanish Bull

This Latin American restaurant is located near Somerset at the row of white conservation houses. Did not took notice of it until an article about this was featured in a Japanese magazine. The menu has a wide selection of the classic Spanish food and also a vegetarian version of some of its items. As it was a gathering meal, we did sample each other's food but since it's rather like light tasting, I shall not comment too much into each specific dish in this entry.

Nachos with Salsa (Complementary Starter : free flow) 

Porto Rican Paella (serves 2 for $35)
This dish packs a whole full of flavour as they have added spicy sausages, salmon and chicken to this traditional rice. The short grained Porto Rican rice is moist and slightly sticky. It is very chewy and so tasty for it has soaked up all the juices from the various ingrediets.but it is the addition of saffron that makes this dish very fragrant
Cuban Chimichanga($18) Served with Mexican rice, salsa and sour cream
This one is like a huge spring roll stuffed with shredded chicken,mixed cheese, Japalenos, Tomatoes onions and bell peppers. It is wrapped in a tortilla and deep fried till crispy. It did not appear as tortilla to me but it is at least very crispy.

In fact there were black beans inside too. There is a choice btw chicken and beef but I think chicken is better because it is still quite juicy. The sour cream leaves a deep impression as the texture is very thick and sour. Even sturdier than a firmly whipped cream.

El Toro's Signature Fajitas-beef ($32)
Once again, you can also choose chicken or vegetarian. The beef is grilled and served on top of a whole chunk of onions, red & green peppers and lettuce. Unfortunately though it is their signature dish, the beef was overdone.Quite alot of the veggies were also charred. Hence, it is too tough and dry.
the sizzling hotplate of beef comes with the three different dips--guacamolo( a traditional Mexican avocado dip), sour cream and cheese. Supposed to wrap with the beef and vegetables using the tortilla. Not a recommended dish.

Chicken and avocado quesadilla ($18)Serve with sour cream & salsa

This consists of three homemade tortilla filled with grilled chicken, cheese Japalenos onions bell peppers. It seems like the same type of vegetables are used in many of the dishes here. This one is not too bad as the tortilla is toasted and the overall dish is not too dry.

Cuban Churros with dark chocolate dipping ganache($10)
This is served with a scoop of ice cream. Compared to the ones outside, the Churros here have a darker shade and is less sweet and oily. Tastes very good whether or not it is dipped into the chocolate ganache or the ice cream. Nice.

Flourless chocolate cake ($10)
Although this one is highly recommended, it was not nice as expected. The ganache layer is too sweet and the cake was drier than I thought though it is a flourless cake. For this price and quality, this is not recommended.

Dessert Platter ($15) cheesecake, chilli chocolate cake and creme caramel
This is good for sharing if you go in groups. The dessert platter is not impressive and rather average.

But if I were to choose from this plate, the cheesecake is the best amongst the rest but it can be softer and more velvety. The chilli chocolate cake sounds more exciting and looks better on the menu than its actual taste. The chilli taste was subtle but the cake was too dry, even when compared to the flourless cake.
The creme caramel was average baked egg custard but the caramel sauce was good as it was bitter.

the spiciest chilli sauce by far. Not your Tabasco because this one is thick and gooey.
do give it try as I can't seem to find it in supermarkets

Quite a few desserts were unavailable but it does not matter after trying them. In all, the savoury dishes still outshine the desserts. The Latin American cuisine here leans more towards the Mexican than the Spanish. Most of the portions can serve 1-2 and the ambience there is pretty comfortable. Enjoy the different art pieces that were hanged around the place. This is located on the 2nd floor and the 1st floor houses a pub. The restaurant does not serves alcohol.

El Toro (the bull)
Winsland Conservation House
Penang Road 165, level 2

Click here for opening hours and menu : http://www.eltoro.com.sg