Good Ol' Tampopo: New recipe cakes & other new items!

I do not have to talk about the cream puff since it's already very popular.I returned to this shop after trying Mooshi and it makes me more certain that Tampopo can do fresh cream or custard puffs/cakes alot better than Mooshi.

Super Light Cheese Chiffon Cake($6.30)
Don't mix it up with its Light Cheese chiffon Cake which does not have a layer in the middle.
It was labeled that a new recipe was used for this cake and that is probably why they did not labeled it as new item. It is a tall very light and fluffy chiffon cake with luscious and soft cream cheese. Some common problem with cake creams is that they take some time to turn soft after you put them in the fridge. This one has no such problem.

The chiffon tastes lighter and more moist than the usual chiffon or tofu chiffon sold at other Japanese patisseries shop. Could you see the holes in the chiffon layer? So airy and bouncy but not dry and not sweet.

Compared to the old one which is also available at $6. This is taller because it is sliced into half and sandwiched with a thick amount of cream, a pleasure for a cream lover like me. Haha, it is definitely worth paying $0.30 more just for that extra layer of indulgence. Don't worry about the cream cheese because i think it had been mixed with fresh cream and so it is not your typical carrot cake cream cheese frosting which are very thick and sticky.

In fact, look at the top blob of cream, the chef actually sprinkled some cheese shavings on top. You cannot spot it at first when you see it on display. The cheese sprinkles help to balance the sweetness and add another interesting dimension to this ordinary looking cake. I can't help but think that I may prefer this to a strawberry shortcake.

The other new item is the millefeuille. ($4.80)

This one is much better than Herdiard's Millefeuille as it is not soggy but flaky. I like it that it is easier to poke through the multiple layers and have it with the cream and not having to eat like layer by layer. The cream used here is vanilla custard slices are used and sprinkled with cinnamon which fortunately did not overpower the millefeuille. For this price, it is more value for $$ than hediard's even though the latter is slightly bigger.

Extremely 酥脆!Yet easy to handle without making a huge mess:)
Just look at the distinct layers.

Matcha Marble Cake
Though it is names marble cake, the texture is very similar to it's other chiffon cakes.  Compared to the caramel corn Chiffon cake, this has a slightly bitter tea flavour that makes it alot less sweeter than the corn version.
Swirls of matcha intertwined with the vanilla,forming a very beautiful marbled cross surface.
Not only the cake itself is marbled, the fresh cream is mixed with matcha as well. But this is less sturdy and thus wobbles and topples very it is indeed a very soft delicate cake to have.

Caramel Corn Chiffon cake
This one is my latest new find at the store. And I thought that it would be a cake that tastes like corn but NO!!it tastes like popcorn. I even mistaken the caramelised popcorn on top for hazelnuts.

The popcorn can also be found inside the chiffon cake but I guess the chef did not put that many inside as it will affect the texture of the chiffon when it bakes. Once again, you would not be disappoint by the fluffy air like chiffon and the cream around it. But I wish there wad more cream to go with the cake once again:)

Tampopo Deli
Liang Court Basement One
(they do sell cakes at Takashimaya but the selection is limited to cream cakes)