Antoinette Cakes: Final

Here are the rest of the cakes from the Antoinette:

Rum Baba
traditional egg-rich bread soaked in rum
Citrus syrup. The version here does not emit a very strong alcohol taste but leans towards a fruity flavour.

The bread soaks up so much juice that each bite is full of the citrusy taste. A surprise to find quite alot of strawberrry fresh fruits underneath it and the creme chantily was a good pair as well.

This is a violet flower cake with raspberry marmalade and sandwiched with violet flower cream. It is quite dry and the Kirsh taste is not evident. The flower cream is actually buttercream so it would be better to put the cake at room temp for a while before eating if not the buttercream is actually quite like solid butter. Quite an average cake.

Mont Blanc (chesnut)
I have been warned that this is very sweet and yes. The chesnut purée was very sweet but I was glad that not much sugar have been added as I thought. The sweetness comes more from the chestnuts and the whipped cream in the centre helps to reduce the sweetness and the richness.

It was a delight to have an almond tart base rather than just a sponge as it gives a crunchy bite to this dessert.
Antoinette (milk chocolate.earl grey)
This is the signature cake and it had been reported that this is Chef Pang's proudest creation. Very wobbly, but when you cut through it, the red dome on top burst out raspberry jam. And when the tangy red lava flows out, the red dome becomes deflated like a burst balloon and the skin tastes like a chewy rubber balloon.
The chocolate mousse is at its sweetest on the milk chocolate section and bittersweet in the interior darker mousse. It is also this part where you can experience full-bodied Earl grey tea flavour. Luckily, the tea flavour was not masked by the sweet exterior mousse.The chocolate biscuit is not the biscuit that we usually think of...more like less moist genoise. The Earl grey tea crumble was not very noticeable though, so the contrast of textures is less sharp here.

Tart Cafe Caramel
Almond tart•caramel a la fleur de sel•genoise cafe•coffee mousse•caramel glaze
I personally prefer this to Antoinette. But the salted caramel layer is much subtle as compared to the sea salt caramel choux puff in the last entry. The tart shell was crisp and thin.

Coffee+caramel? Quite a good pairing besides choc and caramel. Would prefer the aroma of coffee to be stronger but the texture of all the mousse layers so far have been very soft and of the right consistency.

Exotique mousse•finger sponge•gula Melaka syrup•Vanilla poached pineapple
The exotique mousse is a mixture of passionfruit, mango and perhaps other tropical fruits. Though I liked its extreme sourness, it was very very sweet at the same time. Because of the sweetness, it was less of a light fruity mousse cake that I had expected.
The description missed out the vanilla custard like creameux in the centre. It's presence really helped to save the cake from being too sour and sweet. So would prefer if the vanilla centre is increased and the outer exotique mousse be reduced. The finger sponges were soaked in gula Melaka syrup and so it wad very moist but the gula Melaka fragrance was not very strong.I would not have known that it was added if not for its description. The pineapples are soft and juicy and not just simply been chopped and stuffed into the cake.
Flourless chocolate sponge•dark chocolate 58%
The size is rather small but the quality of the dark chocolate 58 ganache was very smooth and rich.Not too sweet and paired well. The flourless chocolate sponge was more bitter and denser than the usual genoise and so this cake hit the correct spot to be a simple, elegant chocolate cake.
Maple Pudding
Maple flan With caramel

Since it is a flan, it will not taste like the soft custard pudding that is filled in a bottle in Japan. Both are two different types of pudding so it is really unfair to compare. For people who like chewier, denser and less flowy puddingthis would be the right one.

The caramel syrup was very liquidy and bitter. Thus, it was a well executed caramel syrup that paired well with the pudding. Be careful of the spilling of caramel sauce as mine burst out when I poked the spoon right through and tried to dig the pudding.

Would recommend the tarte caramel, the antoinette, and the versailles.