Grom: Natural Organic Ice Cream

Grom is a gelato shop that originated from Italy. They are opened by two ice cream artisans Guido Martinetti and Federico Grom, who set out to search the best ingredients that agriculture has to offer. They opened their first shop in Italy and the warm response prompted the duo to expand their business. In 2007, Grom opened its first overseas shop in New York, which immediately drew crowds.

Their philosophy has always remained the same: to offer the best and the most natural taste to the consumers. Their standards are extremely strict as they continue to source for each region's best ingredients such as Lurisia's mountain water for the sorbets and fresh milk from Central America.

In 2009, they finally opened their first shop in Tokyo. It currently has three branches and this was taken at the Shinjuku branch. Tokyo is the only place in Asia that you can have GROM's ice cream. Unsurprisingly, the queue was very long but the wait was definitely rewarded.

Every month, there is a special flavour, and for September, it's walnuts( noce) and pears.

Their success encouraged them to purchase their own land and start their farm Mura Mura, which was to grow their own fruits. In fact, you can spot various pictures of each ingredient and its sources around the shop.

(Top) Crema de Grom with Battifollo biscuits** and Colombian "Teyuna" Chocolate Chips
(Below) Fiordilatte with fresh milk and cream

Both tasted so heavenly. They are both sweet but not too sweet. Fiordilatte left a particularly deep impression because the milk fragrance is so strong that it is something that one has never ever tasted before. Extremely fresh.
**Battifollo biscuits are made with 5 varieties of corn ( not wheat) called Marano, ottofile, Pignolet, Quarantina and Astico. They are perfect to eat with gelato because this type of corn is harder so it absorbs less humidity and stays crunchy while in the mouth.

The Ice Cream holds its shape without dripping

The Fruit Sorbets: Limone and Pear
The Limone is made using Siracusa Lemon from Italy and Pear is made from the Martin Dec Sec Pears harvested from their farms Mura Mura.

caramello al sale (Caramel Sugar with Himalayan Pink Salt) & Cioccolato Extranoir ( with Colombian "Teyuna" chocolate & Chocolate Chips)
The ice cream was sooo good that this was our second visit but at the branch in Shibuya instead. The caramel sea salt truly lived up to its name and the chocolate flavour was extremely bitter but not overly rich.

Ice cream that is made with so much heart, effort and soul. Who wouldn't like it? ( The two guys in the picture are the creators behind GROM)

東京都新宿区新宿3丁目30番13号新宿マルイ本館1F (Shinjuku)
東京都渋谷区宇田川町21-7 (Shibuya)
東京都渋谷区神宮前6-31-15 ( Harajuku)
Outlet also available in Osaka & Saitama