Arbite: Eat it Simple

If you would to find a place that is not crowded on weekends, away from the crowded downtown Orchard, I guess this might be the right place for you. It is quite a relaxing place and the interior is all in white and the walls are decorated with some food-related pictures. Its located in Serangoon Gardens just next to Sushi Tei. You would have to climb up the stairs in order to find this place. 

They do serve all day breakfast but I did not had the chance to try it this time round. Actually, the breakfast was recommended in the U-Weekly but shall leave it till next time then. They have sides, pastas and mains too. Having notice that their pasta are written as home made, I am more than willing to give them a try too. Also, its good that they have weekly specials and as u read further on, there are 2 weekly specials featured here.

Mushroom Salad
French beans, sauteed mixed mushrooms, roasted cherry tomatoes, Japanese cucumbers, pickled onions and mesclun leaves with basalmic dressing.

I do not recall seeing any French beans though, but the pickled onions were unique in its shape and is extremely sour. Very good as a starter to whet a person's appetite. This was ordered by Pretty Mum so I had not done much tasting. After all, it's just salad which I would not think its worthwhile to order when dining outside. It's much value for money to eat them at home right? 

Pan Fried Barramundi
Fillets of barramundi pan fried with thyme, served with mashed potatoes and fresh greens, dressed with a tomato and kalamata olive salsa

This is a main course on its regular menu. Compared to other restaurants, the number of filets on this plate is a lot more ( as they are being stacked up, not just existing as a single sole piece). The dressing of tomato & kalamata olive salsa was tangy, crunchy & savoury. A nice side to have along the fish as the filet is only lightly seasoned. However, I cannot truly say that the fish is really fresh but this is just a simply and tasty fare to have. The mashed potatoes were fine and smooth in texture but they were not mixed with spices. However, this is one of the best mash i've eaten so far.

Specials of the Week:
Gula Melaka Banana Pan Cakes with whipped cream
To me, this is a breakfast made with an Asian twist. The pancakes here are unlike the usual flat pancakes at other dining places. I liked that the pancakes are made in this shape and thickness. They were really moist, fluffy and not sweet at all. Hence, it went well with the gula melaka syrup. Sadly, some bananas were burnt, no longer only caramelized, hence Pretty Mum picked them out so that Little Sis would not have to eat them.  

Whipped Cream (Courtesy of the Chef)
Can you spot that little specks of vanilla in the cream?
Having noticed that the whipped cream was not enough to go with the huge amount of pancakes, the chef kindly offered to provide Little Sis with more of them.  The cream was really awesome and I think the chances of them being store-bought aka. commercial are very low since it tasted really fresh and light. We even spotted vanilla in the cream. How thoughtful!

Specials of the Week:
Veal Cheeks braised in red wine, roasted potaotes and seasonal greens
A close up shot of the veal cheeks
The portion of the dish was much bigger than I had thought. The veal cheeks were truly tender and succulent. They did not have any odd gamey taste and I must say that they are braised very well. Though the sauce was delicious, there was nothing particular special about it. I could not taste the red wine in the sauce. However, do not look down the veggies on the side as they tasted warm and not too hard . Guessed they must have been stir-fried for a while as they had a thin coating of shine. Did not regret ordering this dish as it was truly value for money.

How about a cuppa of Cappucino?

Hmm, having tried their food, I hope that there are more desserts selection here. They did not seem appealing to me on the menu (available online) so I ordered none this time. Perhaps because it is located in the suburbs neighbourhood, the prices here are much more affordable, though not very cheap but still rather value for money. Overall, the food here is simple, rustic but delicious. This might be why the place is called "Arbite" (for meaning refer to top picture)

            life's simplest things like Legos!

66A, Serangoon Garden Way
(Next to Sushi Tei)

The Menus hanging on the Wall. Fuss Free