Friday, October 30, 2015

Carousel at Royal Plaza on Scotts : Halal Lunch Buffet

Despite the latest korean bingsu food dad, the yoghurt craze seemed to have taken Singapore by the storm, to the extent that even buffet now includes a self-service yoghurt soft serve section. 

It has been years since my last visit and Royal Carousel has undergone some renovation to sport a new modern chic look. With less than an hour to eat during my lunch visit, I wasted no more seconds and dived straight to the buffet section. 

The green tea yoghurt is refreshing and tangy, though the green tea taste is just as elusive as the green tea chocolate mousse which is less of a mousse than a sweet and rich ganache. 
Yet some of the creations piqued my inner curiosity as they seemed to be different from the typical squares of lackluster petit mousse cakes for buffet. For example, both the Coffee Cream Cheese Mousse Cake and the Citrus Honey Gateau assumed a stunning air of sophistication, just like sculptures on display at modern art museums.

The mousse was silky smooth and indisputably a mark of technicality, with the surface being glossed by a thin sheen of chocolate air. However, they repeated the same old tale of mousse and sponge cake, unable to match the initial expectation of a multi-textural delight. 
Yet, there were still little pebbles of gems that one would chanced upon along the dessert trail. Take for instance the Semolina Cake with Coconut Curry Chocolate Frosting transformed a dull floury cake into a gorgeous exotic beauty.

The Pavlova here is a solid interpretation of the classics; as light and dexturous as a ballet dancer lifting her feet into the air. 

Sauteed Fine Beans, Beef Bacon and Walnut Crumbs
Of course some might be eager to find out the buffet spread. Sashimi and sushi from Japanese counter; fresh seafood on ice, meat carvings section; live kitchen counters dishing out hot food from all over the world such as Indian curries, chicken rice, pasta; bread counter with cheese; soups; salads......I doubt any photo is necessary since one can easily imagine the wide spread of variety. 

Yet with 4 separate dessert tables, I think one has to revise the buffet strategy to try some, if not all of the desserts. I managed to relish a serving of their signature bread and butter pudding, made better on top of some gooey molten lava from the hot chocolate pudding next to it. 

Carousel at Royal Plaza on Scotts
25 Scotts Road, SIngapore 228220
Lunch 12noon-2pm
Weekdays Adult $52++ Child (4-11yr old) $32++
For full pricing, visit here

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