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パティスリー ラ・ヴィ・ドゥース patisserie La Vie Douce

I had not been blogging much about food in Japan because thee are just too many good food to cover and most of them are pastries. Here is one of my favourites in Japan, La Vie Douce, whose cakes are not only available at its main stores in Shinjuku and Yokohama, but also at the basement 2 of Takashimaya Shinjuku. The price range for the cakes are affordable and the taste and texture are well-balanced.

To find out more about the Shinjuku Shop, click on video below :

La Vie Bagas
This is the shop's signature pastry and a must must try if you would like to choose one.

Milk Chocolate hazelnut mousse infused with Grand Marnier, layered with bitter-sour orange confiture and an ultra-buttery and crumbly tart. The tart shell here is one of the best I have tried so far.

Yuzu Chocolat
Yuzu Mousse with Apricot Gelee, topped with Chocolat Chiboust

Caramelised Apple Tart topped with a Vanilla Chiboust

Cosmos (cosumosu)
Chocolate Mousse cake made with KAOKA's Organic Chocolate and pistachio filling.

In the center, there is also the sour red fruit compote which is not reflected in the picture.

This is the signature Cheesecake of La Vie Douce that is made with cream cheese and fruits gelee. A very light and pleasant cheesecake.

Sakura Yama (Sakura Mountain)
Sakura Melange, with sakura syrup and strawberry gelee, custard cream topped with sakura white bean paste.
This was offered during the Sakura season, and is one of the better sakura cakes that I have tried. A spring twist to the classic mont blanc and the meringue at the base was baked till crunchy.

Of course there was also the choux creme puff with really rich vanilla custard filling. However, the choux skin did not left a deep impression.

Rouge Blanc

Passionfruit and white chocolate mousse centered with raspberry gelee, sponge cake as well as a crispy sable breton

Classic Matcha Gateau
This was also limited only for a few weeks. The chef made a Japanese style version of the classic French Chocolate Gateau and topped with chantily creme & matcha shortbread. Very dense texture since the base recipe is supposed to be like that. Good with a cuppa of matcha.

Blueberry mousse centered with Fromage Blanc cream, Blueberry Compote. Topped with a crunchy meringue finger

Pistachio Panna Cotta with sour berry confiture

This was one of the interesting ones as it is like a cross-match of flavours. Offered along with some special festival, it is a lemon mousse with milk chocolate center on the left and dark chocolate mousse with yuzu creme on the right.

There were also crunchy chocolate pearls and a crispy biscuit base.

Strawberry mousse with cream cheese on top of a galette base.

ギャルソンヌ Garçonne
A weird name but it is a French word that refers to the boyish fashion trend since the 1920s. This style implies independent young women with short hair and a simple sharp silhouette. Not sure how it inspires the creation of this mango gateau though.

Mango Cream, Mango Cheese filling and Galette

The photos here are not taken with a proper camera and thus their appearances might not looked as good as they taste. What is attractive of the creations here is that they have a balance of textures with surprising elements that showcased the innovation of the chef. Though it has only been opened since 2001, this shop could be one of the rising stars in future.

Patisserie La Vie Douce :

23-14 ベルックス新宿ビル1F
(都営新宿線 「曙橋駅」 下車。


  1. pity we can't get it in sg but your blog made my day(: hi litian!


    1. hi jiinshuan!
      i agree. i really missed the food in japan. but nvm, just want to use this platform to share some good places so that next time if u go japan u can try some too :)


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