Friday, September 16, 2011

本味楽:日本蕎麦 Great Soba Set Lunches

本味楽 is a soba restaurant located in Keio, Shinjuku. The noodles are made in house and apparently, this is a place that is quite popular amongst the ladies.It is usually not quite cheap to dine in at restaurants in department stores and so it is better to go for its affordable set lunches. 
There were many old ladies dining there during lunch hours, and surprisingly, we did not notice any presence of male customers. Everyone was ordering at least one bowl of soba for themselves or go for the set deals. The popularity is also a telling sign that the food quality has meet at least some standards.

秋の山海セット 1365 円
salmon roe rice, seasonal mushrooms tempura udon, pickled vegetables and matcha jelly.
This was a "Thank you" set menu in commemoration of its 1st year anniversary of new renovation(感謝メーニュ). For 1365 yen, the menu is really a good deal as it has both noodles and rice. Good for sharing or individual if you like. The sauce for the cold soba is meant to be poured into noodles, and not meant to be dipped into. The rice was really chewy and goes well with the very salty preserved salmon. 

Cold Soba noodles with seasonal mushrooms topped with grated daikon
This was on the seasonal menu, featuring the seasonal mushrooms which I am not very sure of their respective names. The cold noodles are refreshing for a hot summer weather now and the noodles tasted very fresh to me too. Definitely tasted different from the soba we get in Singapore.

Once again, the sauce for the soba is meant to be poured into the bowl of noodles. Look at how they actually make the tri-colour orange star-shaped fish cake! 

三色 1260円
Two different soba, udon, simmered vegetables with ebi tempura.
Named "three colours", the dish highlights the three different types of noodles available in the shop : the udon, the green soba and the original buckwheat soba. The udon is topped with salmon roe too. Unlike the previous two, the noodles are meant to be dipped into the sauce.
In short, it was a pleasant surprise to find such set lunches and cold sobas are definitely suitable for the hot temperature now. Towards the later half of the meal, the waiter would serve out the hot stock which was used to cook the sobas. Can try to mixed it with a little of the dipping sauce and you will get a nice dashi that is mildly sweet=)

本味楽 (Hon-Mi-Raku)
東京都新宿区西新宿1-1-4   Shinjuku
京王百貨店新宿店 8F グルメパーク内   Keio Shinjuku, 8th floor

AM 11:00 ~ PM 10:00
(ラストオーダー PM 9:30)

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