Sommer: One-Star Michelin Lunch in CBD

Managed to try the lunch menu from 1-Michelin Starred Sommer Dining thanks to E's birthday celebration. There were 3 menus to choose from and we picked the lowest-priced at $148++. The course wasn't as elaborate as a typical Michelin menu but it still left us feeling full. We started with Parker House Roll, which was essentially a soft fluffy brioche served with Shio Kombu Butter. This was probably the largest bread served per pax for a bread course but we finished it in no time. It was hard not to love this Asian style buttery soft rolls. 

Next, 4 canapes which had traces of Japanese influences. They were delicious but nothing quite stood out. 

First main course was the Aged Hamachi with Fennel, Shiso and N25 Kaluga Reserve. N25 is often said to be the epitome of caviar being one of the rarest species. The sauce was amazing but the flavor of hamachi seemed to be outshined by the other components. 

Our unanimous favourite dish was the fish course from the 2nd main. The other option was a roasted venison with green asparagus from Jerome Gallis and Wild Garlic Condiment. 

The venison was perfectly executed but flavor wise, it wasn't as unique as the Samegarei with Young Leeks which had an amazing sauce made of fish bones and Chinese yellow wine. 

Desserts including the Mignardises were strong, from the sweetness control to flavour pairing and textures. I was lucky to get my favourite flavour Pistachio as one of the core flavors in the dessert. The only thing I regretted was to have the cheese that was offered by the staff as pre-dessert. It was my oversight not to ask if it is part of the lunch but I wish the restaurant could be more proactive and transparent about informing the additional charges.

Other than the cheese incident, the experience here is overall positive. Service was attentive and waiting time for food was short.