Patisserie Asako Iwayanagi : In Love with Parfaits

“I can now die without regrets.”

That’s the conclusion after stepping out of this place, despite saying goodbye to ¥8000 over two visits.
That parfait, or I should say parfaits because the first one I had left such a mind blowing impact on me that I decided to return in less than 5 days. Crazy? Well, there was absolutely no regret.

The parfaits here changes monthly or even less than a month depending on the availability of the fruits and have become the most sought after item of the shop. BUT it doesn’t come cheap—ranging between ¥2500-¥3000. The Sakura-Yomogi Parfait costs ¥2700++ which means a whopping SGD33 before taxes!! And the Parfait Bijou Citrus. But trust me you won’t me thinking about your Yen when you dig in because it is WORTH EVERY SINGLE YEN.

Every flavour and texture of the Parfait is carefully conceived and experimented; just like a venerable master of Go making wise calculated moves in a game of Go. It’s superior in all ways, without any of the mediocre ingredients which some cafe parfaits often resort to fill up space. In the Parfait Sakura, there’s amazake, lemon, Sakura espuma, sake, Yomogi jelly, soba tuile....and for the Parfait Bijou Citrus, who would have expected citrus fruits to pair with milk tea and caramel?

I think the parfaits here are the unshakeable winners in this Parfait-loving country. Of course, it might be still early to conclude as there’s been a few more rising stars in the past one year. But for now, the desserts here have secured a place in my heart. Wait a minute, I think I've already fallen in love with the pastries here since last time.