Saturday, April 28, 2018

百春 Momoharu Kyoto : Back Alley Tamago Sandwich

Mention the word Kyoto and the word that pops up in my mind after “Matcha” is “Tamago”

The popularity of Dashimaki sando (egg sandwich) seems to have revived in recent years and the trend is more prevalent in Kansai than in Kanto region. As much as I love my desserts, I prefer my tamagoyaki to be savoury instead of sweet. Henceforth, the savoury dashimaki of the Kansai region is right up in my alley.

Hidden on the 2nd floor of a conspicuous alley of Nijou, Momoharu serves up its most popular dashimaki sando that uses at least 4 eggs and 2 slices of a typical 1kg loaf commonly sold at supermarkets. It’s a hefty amount of eggs and bread, but goes easier on your palate than La Madrague legendary Tamago sando. There’s no mayonnaise or other rich condiment/dressing, only homemade Demi glacé sauce slathered thinly on the warm fluffy bread. Salt (sorry, no pepper) can be added accordingly to one own’s preference.

The hand drip blended coffee (¥500) is another pickup but I don’t take coffee. The place is run by two ladies of different generations. This isn’t the oldest cafe in Kyoto serving dashimaki sando but one that allows you to enjoy your meal leisurely and watch the world goes by. 

百春 ももはる
京都市中京区常盤木町55  種池ビル2階
OPEN 11:00〜18:30

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  1. Yummy .. The sandwich that you taste looks really good. Thank you for sharing your vacation experiences and knowledge.


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