DAI's Deli & Sandwich Kyoto

I knew this shop was right besides Kite X Kite but I never thought it was selling giant sandwiches. I only saw some cold deli remaining in the fridge when I dropped by in the late afternoon few years ago. And never would I expect it to house such a cosy eat-in area on the 2F.

Sandwiches are the king here and the prices are just as hearty as the portions. Be prepare to splurge at least ¥1200 for the sandwiches but I like the fact that the bread is thin and the fillings are generous. I retoasted my Special Egg sandwich using the microwave on the 2F as I dislike having cold food on cold days.
The vegetables turned the bread a little soggy but all was still good. This "Special Egg" sandwich might not look anything special and the same goes for the taste to be honest. There wasn’t any of the sweet sauce like 3206 version but the bare granules of salt sparkling on the egg yolk kept the egg spirit alive.
Perhaps the unique point is the ratio of mashed egg yolk to egg white. The egg yolk is not only concentrated in the centre, but interspersed between the chunks of egg white, such that there is almost an equal amount of egg yolk and egg white in every bite

If this or the roast beef version isn’t lavish enough, there’s a lobster version going at ¥1980~  too. 

Dai's Deli & Sandwich
Nearest station : Subway Karasuma Oike 
Mon-Sun 11am-8pm

(p.s. near nishiki market so you might want to pop by for the sandwich instead of spending on don't-know-what in nishiki market)