Magie Du Chocolat マジドゥショコラ : So called "Magic" Chocolate Soufflés

Opened in Dec 2016 by chef-owner Matsumuro Wagomi, Magie Du Chocolat is the latest addition to the hot chocolate scene in Tokyo. It sells everything to do with chocolate and is said to support the direct trade movement of chocolates. An eco-friendly sustainable practice, that is.

But did I taste the magic here? Unfortunately not. The Uji Matcha Chocolat Souffle (¥480) was too sweet and tasted predominantly of white chocolate. Nonetheless, we loved the creamy texture when the cake melted in the mouth even though it looked rough when sliced apart. Never mind if it didn't possess any of the fluffy or airy characteristics of the common soufflés we know. This was rich and dense, with a biscuit base which had turned a little soggy.

Thankfully we decided to give a second chance by trying the Tanzania 75%. Indeed, this dark chocolate was a safer bet with its mellow bitterness. Skip the soft serve as it tastes as cheap as convenience store ice cream. Even if it is said to be made from chocolate Papua 35% and Tanzania 75%. To be honest, I'm cynical about the source of chocolates used here as I saw its supplier carrying boxes of XX chocolates, a common chocolate brand used in the industry, into the kitchen. Bean to bar? Really? Hmm....

myfoodsirens and I couldn't understand why there is a queue for this shop. Perhaps it's the magic of chocolate but we left disillusioned.

Magie Du Chocolat マジドゥショコラ

〒158-0083 東京都世田谷区奥沢6丁目33−14
10am-7pm (Closed on Tues)