Gaston Luga: Best Women's Backpack Recommendation

Not sure if you face the same problem. But I always have a difficulty finding the right size of backpack when I travel. Laptop, portable charger, DSLR camera, passport, handphones, water bottle...I often have to divide them two bags because my old backpack gets full very easily once I slot in my bulky camera. I have another bigger size mountain backpack but it makes me look as if I am going on an mountain hiking adventure even though I maybe just walking down the streets of Shinjuku.

But now with Gaston Luga, the problem is solved. It's big enough to store everything that I need (no more for the need of one shoulder bag and one laptop bag) and yet stylish at the same time. I adore the Scandinavian minimalistic design that allows me to carry it to everywhere without feeling like a school kid. I can bring it to posh locations like hotels and carry it as I trek through forests or mountain regions. 

Most importantly, it doesn't lack in functionality. For instance, on the back of my Classic Olive and Brown backpack is the unique Gaston Luga pocket for passport, travel documents or other important belongings that need to be kept safe yet easily accessible. I no longer have to dig my passport or travel pass that's probably squashed by my camera or water bottle.

Two-way metal zipper opens the main compartment, which contains an inner 13-15" laptop compartment and 2 smaller pockets for smaller belongings such as wallet or phone.

Like most backpacks, Gaston Luga's backpack comes with an outer zipper pocket to keep other small belongings that are often used and have to be easily accessible. But what makes it special is that the extra front leather straps are held by strong magnets, adding another layer of security when travelling on the road.

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