Louange Tokyo: Membership-Only Cake Salon

2000 yen for a piece of cake?

Yes. If Chanel is the name for luxury bags, then Salon De Louange is the name for luxury cakes, at least in Japan.

I wasn't surprised to know that this cakes from this shop would be expensive since it's located in Roppongi. Think Roppongi Hills, lots of foreign expats, rich people living here.
Nevertheless I was still SHOCKED to know that one piece of cake could actually fetch over 2000 yen. That's a foie gras mousse cake which I have no interest in (neither do I have the ability to splurge)

I kept thinking why the cakes here are so expensive. Perhaps one reason is the manpower cost. There are not only two chefs but also 1 chocolatier and 1 advisor. Executive Chef Irishika Takashi used to work as a Chef Patissier at Michelin 3-star Robuchon au Dome while Chef Patissier Takuya Furuta used to work at Mandarin Oriental Hotel before leaving for France to train in Capelongue.

Chocolate Patissier Stephen Veux came to Japan as a staff of Pierre Herme and moved to direct Shiseido Parlour in 2003 before helming the role of chef Patissier at Decadence de Chocolat in 2008. He is now the Patissier director at Classic fine foods Japan. Last but not least, there's advisor Iwao Yoneyama who is also chef owner of a patissierie in Yokohama and has won international awards in the past.

I haven't heard their names before I came to Salon Louange, though they do sound like some big shots haha. Indeed, the entremets and macarons looked highly artistic and colorful. Dine-in is allowed at the salon area where wines are served as well but it is only open to VIP members. Erm??? VIP? Who?

I nearly wanted to walk away empty handed but since I've walked more than 20min from Roppongi station, I decided to give the "cheapest" item a try just to see whether it justified the price tag. And was it worth it? Presentation wise, some components are highly sophisticated and demanding on techniques. But tastewise, they are so normal and did not have any wow factor. Well, it is slightly better than Ungrain but it is not a place worth visiting in Tokyo.  

Louange Tokyo
Opening hours for 2017 2/22 - 2017 3/1411:00 - 15:00
16:00 - 19:00
Monday - Saturday
11:00 - 23:00 (l.o.)22:30
sunday & holiday
11:00 - 21:00 (l.o.)20:30
the parkhouse nishi-azabu residence 1f 4-5-10 nishi-azabu minatoku tokyo, 106-0031

Cube Rose 800 yen
Rose fromage, berries gelee, lychee mousse, pistachio biscuit, almond biscuit coated with wild rose jam

Verrine Marjolaine (800 yen)
Kirsh chantily, Coffee ganache, Hazelnut Praline Cream, Cognac