Shop Wonderland Cafe @ Telok Ayer : Sweet English Tea Cakes and a Popcorn Matcha Latte?

Chanced upon this neon pink cafe that was bustling with lunchtime crowd as my colleague and I were looking for a nice cafe for coffee and tea. We never notice its existence right next to Sarnies and a Google search revealed that this is a new cafe that adds to the list of hipster cafes in this area. Its floral studio sits on the 2nd floor where floral classes are conducted.

Apart from the list of beverage menu on the wall, the first thing that caught my eye was an elegant display of cakes. Not those artisanal French entremets sitting pretty in a chiller, but rustic English tea cakes in room temperature. Both the Rose Raspberry Pistachio ($8) and White Chocolate Passionfruit Coconut ($8) were fragrant and moist but probably too sweet that I couldn't really catch the flavors. The white cake didn't speak the language of coconut expressively except the layer of frosting topped with coconut shavings. As for the Rose, the rosy pink cream cheese frosting tasted mostly of.......cream cheese after a while. 

For the beverages, I had the Popcorn Matcha Latte ($7.50) as the Matcha Latte was sold out. Thankfully it wasn't some latte topped with popcorn. It still resembled Matcha Latte except for the additional blend of roasted rice which made it more aromatic than an average Matcha Latte. I enjoyed this drink but it should really go low on the sugar, just like the cakes. Overall, this place is a good option for sugar rush in the Telok Ayer area but note that prices are not cheap. Budget $14 ++ for a drink and a cake. 

134 Telok Ayer Street
Singapore 068600
Mon-Sat 8am-6pm