Melting In The Mouth : Organic Soft Serve Cafe in Hiroo Tokyo

White poop?'s the original soft serve from Melting In The Mouth, an organic dessert and cafe store that opened in Hiroo. 

The unique fat and white swirl made it a standout amidst the rest and the texture is almost "Melting In the Mouth". It's not as sweet as condensed milk yet but I think it can still afford to be less sweet. 

There are plenty of variations to play with...salted caramel pretzel, honeycomb and chocolate but only the original flavor is available in cone. The cafe is said to serve desserts but there's nothing much besides the soft serve, tiramisu and honeycomb cheesecake.

The Matcha Tiramisu (¥500) is the interesting one to lookout here as the texture is so cheesy and dense like no tiramisu you've had before. Try forking a plastic spoon through the mass and it might just break because the vanilla ice cream remained very cold. But once we succeeded, it was awesome to find a pool of organic Hokkaido Mascarpone Cheese nested at the base, all mixed well with green tea. Yummy. 

Tel: 03-6459-3838
11:30 - 20:30 daily (no fixed holiday)