Fishball Khin : More than just delicious handmade fish balls

It's neither bouncy nor springy, but the handmade fishballs here have a pleasant chewy texture that are good telling signs of more fish than flour. Fishball Khin is an all-day eatery in Ang Mo Kio that probably needs no introduction for regular fans of fishball noodles. In fact, it's the place that my family would go when we get bored of the food at the hawker center across my house since it is in the same area. 

Another aspect of the fishballs here is the saltiness. If you have come across those health promotion board ads often, you may have known that fishballs are one of the local food that is high in sodium. 

But the fishballs here are just mildly salty and we never remembered encountering any MSG thirst syndrome after our meal. The fishballs are good but everyone loved the He Kiao so much that we would usually order just an extra bowl of he Kiao to share. 
 If the fishballs can win the best star award, the meepok noodles ($4) can earn the best supporting role. Tossed in vinegar and chilli, the noodles were satisfyingly punchy and cooked to the right degree.  
Other dishes that we tried are equally competent too. The Hokkien Mee ($5) was drenched in stock but not overly wet. It ain't a bad thing to see more bee hoon here as they absorbed the flavors of the stock very well, pairing perfectly with the side of sambal. 
The fish head soup ($6) is also highly recommended especially if you prefer something light and wholesome. The fresh batang fish bathed in a pool of opaque white broth that was boosted with ginger and pepper.  

Recently we decided to try the fried rice as we noticed that almost every table ordered it. And boy, it was so delicious! The fried rice was full of wok-hei and flavorfully tossed with crispy silvered fish, sweet dried sausages and some chewy fish cakes. Each grain was distinct (粒粒分明)and not greasy at all. You can even say it's better than many of the Chinese restaurants in Singapore. 
The place may be fully seated during lunch or dinner hours but the turnover rate is quite fast. So chances are you don't have to wait or queue hours for something good and affordable. 

Fishball Khin
Block 574 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10, 01-1825 
Tel: 8198-6868 
Open: 11.30am - 11.30pm (Wed - Mon), closed on Tue