Thursday, April 9, 2015

House at Dempsey : NEW Savoury Menu with Vegan Options!

Some people might still scoffed off at the idea of meatless dishes but I think one reason is because they haven't been to House at Dempsey. This eight-year-old cafe has spruced up its menu with a healthy mix of vegetarian dishes, including some vegan friendly options.

One good example is this Lean Green Pasta ($22), a bed of al dente fusilli topped with Asian pesto and plenty of vegetables such as sugar snaps, French beans, asparagus and Broccoli. The vibrant green hues kept me at peace and the dish tasted is as wholesomely delicious as it looked.
Wild Rice Mushroom Risotto ($25)
I noticed an increase count of wild rice dishes in local restaurants and House serves it as in a form of risotto ($25), topped with sour cream, pomegranate seeds, zucchini and carrots. Though wild rice is actually an aquatic grass and not grains, it worked amazingly well in this dish by providing a source of textural delight to a creamy starchy base.

Another dish that left me swooning was the Macademia-crusted Pumpkin Salad ($17) that showcases the natural sweetness of pumpkin with just a touch of light mustard dressing.  The Warm Mushroom and Tofu Salad $17 is a vegan and gluten free option but I prefer the Turkish salad ($17) as I have a penchant for falafel and hummus dressing. All the microherbs used are sourced from their garden, another move that indicates their commitment towards fresh ingredients. 
But the new items do not consist of only vegetarian options. I am quite sure even non-Pescetarians will love the Blackened Snapper ($25) that has been rubbed in a South American spice mix and grilled to the ideal point where it is crisp yet flaky, with some burnished marks that imparted alluring hints of smoke in the flavour.

Grilled in a Chinese five-spice marinade, the Baby (Got) Back Ribs ($29) are sweet and succulent but what was even more impressive is the Hanger Steak with Tomato Salsa & Tahini-Bacon Spud ($36). This is one tremendous cut to enjoy as it is far more tender and juicy than sirloin and this meat is not overly drenched in heavy sauces.
If a dish is delicious, there is no reason to remove it from the new menu. And old-time favorites like the Elegant Black Pepper Prawn Linguine ($33) continue to tease the palates with a robust black pepper sauce that reminded me of black pepper crabs! Perhaps that is another reason to explain its name as one can indulge elegantly without messing with the hands.
Desserts veer towards the classic rich, dense tea cakes that Victorian ladies would indulge in for their afternoon tea. From Pomegranate Red Velvet  ($8.50) to the Citrus Slices, expect no compromise on the sugar level across the sweet desserts since this place follows the traditional style of European cakes.
Even plated desserts like Grilled Gluten Free (aka almond) cakes with Salted Caramel sauce ($12.50) was no exception. But the smoky crunchies in the salted caramel ice cream is simply too good to let me surrender my spoon. It was a dilemma, albeit a sweet one.
Citrus Slices ($7.50) and Bitter Chocolate Tart ($7.50) --Portion reflects half size.
Perhaps I'll just retreat into one of the cosy space with a slice of bitter Guanaja chocolate tart. A decadent ending for a savory feast.
House at Dempsey
8D Dempsey Rd, Singapore 249672
Open Mon-Thu 12-11pm Fri 12pm-12am
Sat 11-12am, Sun 9am-11pm

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