Monday, April 27, 2015

Crown Bakery & Cafe: Every Crumb, Every Sip, Soul Good

 [Hainanese Chicken bread and Kaori Ciabatta]
Next time when you are craving for a plate of chicken rice, why not head to Crown Bakery to try its signature Hainanese Chicken Bread? Made with chicken soup, skinless chicken thigh, garlic, ginger, shallots and lemongrass and French mill wheat flour, this loaf is truly a brilliant rendition of our local dish especially when you dip some into the garlicky chilli sauce.

Devoting its heart and soul into sourdough and natural leaven bread without any artificial preservatives, coloring or additives, Crown Bakery is committed to crafting artisanal loaves that caters to customers who are treated as royalty at its French-inspired retail shop. 
[Elegant Earl Grey Brioche, Mellow Matcha Brioche and Sweet Macaron Croissant but the New Zealand Cheese Danish was the apple of my eye]
One of my favourites is the Kaori Ciabatta ($4), a masterful hybrid of European and Japanese bread with its light, crusty facet yet highly stretchable mochi-like interior. Created by Niigata-born Master Baker Katsugei Shiga, owner-chef of Signifiant Signifie in Tokyo with more than 40 years of baking experience, the Kaori Ciabatta counts as one of the "Japanese" breads including Soy Kinako Loaf ($4.80 for full/$2.70 for half), Shizuoka Matcha Brioche ($3.20), Earl Grey Cashew Brioche ($3). You can spot ingredients on the label tag such as Hokkaido Kitanokaori flour, Japan wheat flour and Shizuoka matcha powder.
That said, it is unfair to label them as "Japanese" bread because every creation here is a cross-infusion of the best ingredients sourced from the world. For instance, the Knights of the Round Table ($15) is a gorgeous bake of French butter and Japanese flour, ornamented with roasted walnuts, 50% cocoa dark chocolate and Crown's handcrafted raisin yeast. Even their Sourdough Buttermilk Waffle ($6 for maple and butter/$9 with ice cream and fruits) is another hybrid that leverages on German Sourdough, producing a wonderfully crisp yet tender treat that tickled my fancy. 

Another selling point is their Ekmeks, a Turkish sourdough bread made with cold-pressed extra virgin oil, natural leaven, French mill wheat flour. While there is Earl Grey, Honey and Red Wine Fig versions, I was drawn to Black Ekmek ($4.50),  which concealed a fluffy subtly sweet interior beneath the nutty yet brittle crust. 
On their dine-in menu are hot mains such Egg Bens($18) and the Crown Platter($29) a scrumptious Royal platter of red wine-braised oxtail, Canadian back bacon, chicken sausage, sautéed mushrooms and baked tomatoes. Everything was done in a prim and proper way, but what stole the limelight was the Crown Puff Pastry that surrounds a sunny side up egg. It was the BEST puff pastry I've ever had in Singapore; a buttery, flaky crisp golden jewel that leaves you craving for more.
The Earl Grey Tea Bread Pudding ($12) is a classic hot British pud made of Earl-grey poached pears whose fragrance is truly enlivening. Perfect if there was a pour of chilled creme anglaise. 
Good to know that there is no service charge for dine-in but customers would not be short-changed as I noticed how the staff would heat up any bread orders and slice them into smaller portions before serving. With more goodies to be introduced when they are officially opened, there are plenty of reasons to be back for more.
Crown Bakery & Cafe
557 Bukit Timah Road Crown Center, #01-03 
Sun-Thurs 7.30am-9.30pm
Fri/Sat 7.30am-10.30pm
(Dine-in menu from 9.30am onwards)
Tel: 6463-3066
Facebook crownbakerysg
Instagram @crownbakery
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