Saturday, April 11, 2015

Motherswork bring RICE Denmark Products to Singapore

More than just mothers, babies and kids, I think Motherswork is a place for nurturing the family.
That was thought that flashed across my mind as I walked through the Great World City outlet or Motherswork, a premium Singapore-headquartered retail store with overseas presence in Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu. From baby carriages to play toys for toddlers, Motherswork stocks up an impressive array of high quality products from established European and Scandinavian brands. 
But it is not just a place for mothers or mothers-to-be. In fact, they also stock up durable yet stylish backpacks, big plush toys and cookbooks. Instead of giving your kids gadget, why not get him/her to display some creativity on those washable art toys or assemble puzzles?

Not only for kids, the products such as these unique Andy Warhol puzzles are also great for adults. You can even display them at home or present them as gifts for your friends! 
Educational books and cookbooks
One brand that I would like to highlight is RICE, a Danish homeware and accessories company that was founded by Charlotte Hedeman in 1998. You can easily identify the style of RICE with its funky colours and bold patterns since the philosophy is "Fun, Funky and Functional".

Price ranges from $9.80 for a cup to an average of $18 for serving plates and bowls. It might not be very affordable at first glance but you can be well assured that you are paying for quality.
All designs are done in Denmark and all RICE products follow the international SA8000 standard for social and responsible corporate governance (no children's work, no discrimination, adequate minimum wages, healthiness, safety at work etc.).
Most importantly, all RICE products are tested food safe according to EU standards, a very important factor to consider as you only want the safest quality for your loved ones and not toxins or defective products. 
Most of their kitchen ware are made with Melamine, the highest quality of RICE available and does not contain Bisphenol A and phthalates. The RICE melamine products are approved by DVFA and tested food safe and so you can use them without any worry!!! 
I am so happy to discover this series of product as it really changes the kitchen mood to a bright and cheery one. I don't see why any one can still put on glum face looking at the colorful plates:) You can also go to motherswork's online store for latest new, exclusive products or any limited-time promotion offers. For more information on RICE, check out the website here
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Great World City Outlet
#02-16, 1 Kim Seng Promenade
Daily 10am-9pm
Other outlets include Tanglin Mall, MBS and 112 Katong
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